‘Mayweather rant means no fight with Pacquiao ever’

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. AP/INQUIRER FILE PHOTOS

(Editor’s Note: This opinion article was written by Tim Dahlberg, AP national sports columnist.)

LAS VEGAS—Sorry, boxing fans. This is news you don’t want to hear.

Enjoy Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday night against Miguel Cotto, if you wish. But understand this: Despite the fervent hope of almost everyone in boxing, Mayweather will not be fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Not later this year. Not ever.

If I wasn’t sure of it before, I’m sure of it now. Hard not to be after watching Mayweather as he went into a bizarre rant for the benefit of myself, a few other writers, and his ever present band of sycophants.

This wasn’t for HBO’s “24/7” cameras, though it was better than anything on the most recent episodes. It had nothing to do with getting people to pony up $69.95 to watch the Cotto fight in their living rooms.

This was pure Mayweather, unvarnished, unplugged, and totally uninhibited.

He won’t fight Pacquiao unless he’s convinced he doesn’t use steroids—something, by the way, that only Mayweather has accused the Filipino of doing. And there will be no convincing Mayweather that he’s wrong.

“You all think I’m scared, I’m a coward? Well guess what? I’m a rich, scared coward. I’m a rich coward,” Mayweather said. “And if that’s the case, why the hell would you want to watch me? I don’t want to watch no coward. I don’t want to watch nobody who’s scared and you all know for a fact I’m not scared. You all know that.”

Thoughts on Manny

Sitting next to him on Tuesday in a VIP check-in room just off the lobby of the MGM Grand hotel, it seemed like a good time to get his thoughts on his main rival.

My mistake.

Instead of an answer, I got a soliloquy. Instead of a yes or no on Pacquiao, I got a disjointed diatribe on all things Mayweather.

He railed about common sense and hat sizes, doing the right thing and protecting his health. He called Bob Arum a professional liar, and suggested I was in the rival promoter’s pocket.

He even questioned my patriotism for some odd reason that only his pals seemed to get.

“So, you’re an American, right? I’m an American,” he told me. “I was in the Olympics. I represent the red, white and blue. You know what the American writers should say? ‘Well, why’s this guy from another country who comes over here and makes money taking it back to his country?’”

“Once again, I’m feeding American citizens every day. All I ask is give a little blood, give a little urine. That’s a crime?”

Superhuman powers

Actually, the drug testing shouldn’t even be an issue. Arum has already said Pacquiao is willing to take blood and urine tests in the weeks and months leading up to a fight with Mayweather.

But Mayweather seems obsessed with the idea Pacquiao is juicing. He seems to truly believe that Pacquiao has some sort of superhuman powers other fighters don’t.

He’s not going to change his mind. And, ultimately, that means no Pacquiao fight.

It is true that Pacquiao has grown noticeably since he first began boxing professionally in 1995 at 106 pounds. He’s much more muscular and his body has filled out in the 17 years since then.

However, I reminded Mayweather that he boxed in the 1996 Olympics at 125 pounds, and will be fighting at 154 pounds against Cotto.

“Guess what? It took me years to get to here. Years,” he said. “Go back and look at the pictures. First, his head is small. Then, all of a sudden, his head just grew? Come on, man. Stop! Stop this man! Come on, man! This (stuff’s) so easy. Ray Charles can see this (stuff). Come on. Come on, now! Come on, man. I told you, it’s basic common sense. Look at the pictures and tell me this man’s head didn’t get bigger? This man probably went from a seven and one-fourth to an eight. In a hat, a fitted hat. And you’re going to tell me this (stuff) is all natural? Come on, man. Stop this. I’m going up in weight, but I ain’t just walking through no damn fighters.”

Better than money

If that wasn’t clear enough, Mayweather shifted into third person mode to press his point.

“Writers are saying,  ‘Floyd is scared,’” he said. “No, Floyd cares about his family. Floyd is smart. At the end of the day, Floyd is smart. My health is important. My health is more important than money. They can take all the money and my health is more important. If they say, ‘Floyd, you can live a healthy life like you is right now, or you got to walk with a limp, and walk all bent over, but you can have a lot of money for the rest of your life,’ I’d say,  ‘Take it all back.’”

Guess we should give the guy a break. He’s got a fight that might be tougher than most Saturday night, and he’ll barely have time to relax afterward when he’s due at the Las Vegas jail to begin serving what’s expected to be a two-month sentence for domestic abuse.

Rich and famous

Before I set him off he had been in a reflective mood, quietly talking about basically raising himself as a child. He spoke about how the gym was his only refuge, and how he used to put pictures from boxing magazines on his wall and stare at them at night, convinced he would one day be rich and famous, too.

He’s both, now. But he’s not so sure the fame part is worth it anymore.

“I want to live a normal life. I want to go to the mall by myself, but I know I can’t,” he said. “I do want to take a walk by myself, but I can’t. There’s a lot I want to do.”

It’s hard not to like Mayweather in these moments. Actually, I’ve always liked the Mayweather I’ve been around, a guy who is generally thoughtful and upbeat. He contributes some of his considerable fortune to those less fortunate, and he does it mostly without asking for credit. His various arrests show another side, yes, but at the age of 35 he seems to finally be outgrowing the foibles of his youth.

I still like him, even after the rant that ended with a dramatic flourish when he leaned over and offered his hand to me.

“Have a good day,” he said. AP

  • Menyet

    So no fight. That’s the end of story.

  • Pitbulldog

    May mentalidad ni P-noy ang mokong na yan.  Autistic din yata.

    • jabbawookie

      Get a life!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7NHDUDLC2F7G6BRTDLESS3LL6Y tino

    Came  from the horse mouth, it seems like the fight that would happen is pretty slim or nada, zippo.

  • Royal_Flush

    Kung gumagamit ng steroid si Pacquiao, e matagal na sanang may protesta sa kanya ng ibang boxers. Nag-a-alibi na naman kc si Gayweather. He should be stripped off his championship belt! Di pwede sa boxing yan. Anong klaseng kampeon ka kung namimili ka ng kakalabanin. Dapat lahat ng worthy challengers, specially, yung katapat nya like Pacquiao, lalabanan nya para maging tunay na kampeon. Tuloy ngayon huling-huli sya. Lalo na ngayon na umamin na si Gay-chicken-feather na he is a scared coward, never mind being rich… di nman maalala ng tao yung kayamanan nya pagtanda nya coz there will always be the nagging thought that there was still a Pacquiao that struck fear in him. That will be his sorry legacy.

  • Danidanado

    Gayweather finger pointing yet again! lol.  He is fighting Miguel Cotto, but he rants about Manny.  Clearly his focus is on his cowardliness, not his opponent.   Could be his undoing, I hope so.

    • Reaperxyz

      Maybe Manny needs to step up instead of finding excuses to avoid Floyd.

      • Danidanado

         I see it as the other way around.  Manny has done everything to get the fight, Gayweather has put all the obstacles.   Doping?  Manny has offered to have testing done according to Gayweather’s wishes.  Gayweather has been the one to accuse Manny, not the other way around.  Gayweather is gonna pay for that in Libel court.  After he gets out of jail for beating his wife.  Gayweather is the one who has been doping, drinking, wife beating, and acting like a punk.  Manny is a respected Congressman in Phils.  Floyda can’t stay out of trouble for one month.  Whattayabet Floyda gets some boobs tatooed on his back?

        • Reaperxyz

          respected filipino politician… at least you have a sense of humor, roflmao, good one dude.

  • Royal_Flush

    By Gay-chicken-feather’s admission that he is a scared coward, he already lost to Pacquiao by TKO or better yet TC (Technical Cowardice). Mabuhay ka Manny! Napatumba mo si Gayfeather ng walang niisang suntok. Mental conquest…That’s the ultimate victory!;-)

    • Danidanado

       ROFLMAO!  Well said and true!

  • Fulpol

    alam siguro ni Mayweather na may anting-anting si Pacquiao galing kay Chavit Singson…


  • RenjiEnji

    He cares about his health…and he took up boxing as his sport?
    He wants to stay healthy that’s why he is avoiding Manny.
    Even Stevie Wonder can see where Mayweather is coming from. Cowards always find excuses.

  • QQU

    “My…!  what big head you have, Manny Pac”, said Little Red
    Riding Mayweather. “The better to hit you now.”

    But LRRM is still afraid of the big bad headed Manny Pac.

    Better hurry up, Weathervane. Hungry Bradley might get there first.

  • tarikan

    Instead of steroids Floyd should complain about Manny’s talking to God personally. He should complain to God, should tell Him that it is favoritism. 

  • lliam_S

    Yeah. that’s true..But even before Pacquiao found this new religious fervor of his, he was always quite prayerful. if you notice in his fights, he always kneels down and pray in his corner before and after his fights.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QVJGY3TOHETXCIJ65UZTKQEZFQ Edizon

    What ever you say your a BIG COWARD and an ASSHOLE…your just scared to fight Manny

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

    Matagal ng usapin ito… Wag na tayong mag-aksaya ng panahon para pag-usapan ito kung talagang ayaw nya…. Its a useless effort… manggagalaiti lang tayo sa negrong to..

  • juansanmateo

    F*ck!n bipolar case!

  • TheThinkker

    All of us have a fine and ugly side. When you hate someone like Mayweather here, it’s the ugly side in you that comes out…because you see yourself in him…consciously or unconsciously!

    You want to rather see his good side, even if media hypes up his ugly side, so that you diminish your ugly side…and hype up your good side.

    Now if you’re averse with this, it must be your ugly side showing.

    • Guest

      Are you a “thinker” or an oxymoron?!?!

  • WeAry_Bat

    At least umamin na duwag siya.

  • redpula

    mayweather is a chiken sh..t, he has more speed in using his mouth, and fast avoid anything related to a pacquiao match.  Well, the only thing he has is an unblemish record beyond that no more, in coming years he will be treated in the boxing history as one fighter who evaded the logical and biggest fight that the boxing fans should have seen.  Let’s hope Cotto will teach him a hard lesson.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. is afraid of Manny Pacquiao, period.

    • Reaperxyz

      Manny is the one running away, always making excuses, what a shame.  He has a 50/50 chance of winning.  Or maybe those odds aren’t good enough?  

      • Guest

        Dude, you must have been smoking a Class A meth. You seem out of touch with boxing reality.

        • Reaperxyz

          I guess you would know about “smokig” a class A meth.  You seem out of touch will reality…period, and oblivious to spell check, LOL.  Anyway, you’re Filipino, so the bad spelling and grammar are normal for you.  And the unreasonable worship of your little mannygod are also  normal for you.  Not for the rest of the world.

          • Guest

            And the unreasonable worship of your gayweathergod are also normal for you. Not for the rest of the world.

          • Reaperxyz

            you really are dull, bobung

          • Guest

            “And the unreasonable worship of your little mannygod ARE (!?!?!?) also normal for you.”

            Nagpanggap pang kano buking naman ang grammar…hahaha! Another bobong botante. hehehe

  • Bulagas

    inamin na duwag siya hahahaha

  • Rudylt1954

    Stupid coward!!!

    • Reaperxyz

      Who? Pacquiao or Mayweather?

      • Guest

        Obviously,Floyd ”Excuses” Mayweather… who else?!?!?!

        • Reaperxyz

          You should refer to him as Mr. Mayweather, SIR, Bobung.

  • Reaperxyz

    When, oh when, will Little Manny stop running away from Mayweather?  Instead, he chooses to fight anemic Brits and soft Mexicans.  Time to “man up”, Manny.  No more excuses.  No more “God told me to run away.”  Put up, or shut up.  Fight Mayweather, or be labeled “COWARD”. 

  • 050876

    Money Mayweather’s choice not to fight Pacquiao is his prerogative. The controversy is all about the excuses that he puts up. One can not be convinced that ghosts do not exist if such a ghost lives in one’s head. Much in the same way that Mayweather believes Pacquiao uses steroids. With all his influence and money, Mayweather can petition to Boxing’s governing body to prove Pacquiao’s drug use. His suspicion and conjectures only show the real reason he does not want to fight Pacquiao. And that is something him and only him can deal with. His ghost, his exorcism.

  • Guest

    MAYWEATHER: “My health is more important than money. They can take all the money and my health is more important. If they say, ‘Floyd, you can live a healthy life like you is right now, or you got to walk with a limp, and walk all bent over, but you can have a lot of money for the rest of your life.”

    TRANSLATION: “My health will surely deteriorate if a get a heavy beating from Pacquiao. That’s the reason I dont wanna fight him. The millions I will get is useless if I become like Muhammed Ali due to Pacquiao”s punches.” — Mayweather

  • Guest

    MAYWEATHER:“I want to live a normal life. I want to go to the mall by myself, but I know I can’t. I do want to take a walk by myself, but I can’t. ”

    TRANSLATION: “Everytime i go out, people sneer at me and calls me a coward for coming up with excuses not to fight Pacquiao. People always shout at me saying “You are a coward for not fighting Pacquiao.” All these I get while Pacquiao gets the adulation of his fans whenever he is seen on the mall. That’s very unfair.

    Mayweather: “Mommy! Mommy!Mommy! I can’t take it anymore!!! ”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/573GKVTQMBD62PQ6XOEPMI7LXA Yugi

    LOL! And where is Floyd’s excuse of getting 100% of PPV and 0% to Manny? That’s the last reason why the fight did not push trough. Who would be in his righ mind accept that stupid offer?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T6BUHBRXKA3L3UAWR6FM5YF6WM Steven

    Mayweather is going to do this over and over and over. Manny will eventually announce his retirement. Mayweather will then  have a burst of courage.
    Manny should then say: OK ,you think you’re the greatest?

     Come to Manilla for another Thrilla in Manilla .
     Muhammed Ali and Frazer did. Why cant you?

    I doubt it would happen…but at least we wouldn’t have to hear Mayweather go on and on for the next 20 years !!!! ( I coulda ,woulda shoulda )


    Sooooooo, my question is, why won’t Pacquiao submit to drug test?  I don’t think that is an unreasonable request.  Is it that Pacquiao is using performance enhancing drugs?  Is he afraid of a tiny needle? Surely, he does not think he is above testing.  As they say, something is rotten in Denmark (Philippines)!!!

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