Mommy Dionisia blames pastors for son’s defeat

Typhoon survivors wearily accept boxing idol’s loss


Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of Manny Pacquiao, prays at a church in General Santos City on June 10, 2012. At the Pacquiao Mansion in General Santos City on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012, Dionisia was furious about the procession of Protestant pastors crowding his son. “That’s what he gets for changing religion,” she said after her son was knocked down by Juan Manuel Marquez in the US on Sunday (Manila time). AFP PHOTO/PAUL BERNALDEZ

That’s what he gets for changing his religion,” Dionisia Pacquiao said in an interview in General Santos City.

Her son, Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao, had been losing sleep because of night Bible studies with “Protestant pastors.”

So he went to sleep in the middle of a 12-round welterweight fight with Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas on Saturday night (Sunday afternoon in Manila).

A short right to the chin during a close-quarters exchange toward the end of the sixth round felled Pacquiao. He was out cold for two minutes.

Pacquiao left the Catholic Church last year and went with a Bible-based movement whose members called themselves Christians.

They are not Protestants, but Mommy Dionisia refers to them as Protestants and she is furious every time they come to her son’s mansion in General Santos City and crowd around him.

“Since the Protestant pastors came into his life, he has not focused on his boxing,” Mommy D said. “They always pray, with Manny losing sleep.”

If the decision were hers to make, her son should retire from boxing after his stunning defeat. And he should go back to the Catholic Church.

“I hope he listens to me when he returns, and be a Catholic again,” she said.


A religious athlete who used to hear Mass before every fight, Pacquiao turned to the Bible to reform his ways. He gave up gambling and drinking and dropped extramarital affairs.

But late-night Bible studies took the place of the rest he needed to keep fit. That took a toll on his health, and his 33-year-old body was just not ready for a bulked-up Juan Miguel Marquez.

And he did not hear Mass before their fourth match. Instead he attended a Christian service held right in his hotel room in Las Vegas before the fight.

Mommy D disapproves of her son’s ditching Catholicism for another religion.

She remains unhappy about missing the canonization of Pedro Calungsod, the Philippines’ second saint, in Rome in October because her son did not allow her to go.

“He said he didn’t have money for my air fare, but with these pastors he’ll be poor,” she said.

“He better stop being a boxer and be a pastor instead,” she said. “He lost because God wanted him to.”

Reynaldo Clapis, a former village chair of Labangal in General Santos, thought so, too.

“It’s painful to see him sprawled on the canvas face down. But I guess, it’s God’s will. God wants to remind him to be frugal in spending his money,” Clapis said.

Now that Pacquiao lost again maybe he would not squander his earnings in politics, said the former barangay chair.

Typhoon survivors

Pacquiao had pledged to use part of the purse to help survivors of Typhoon “Pablo” in Mindanao.

The survivors in Andap village in the hardest-hit town of New Bataan in Compostela Valley watched the fight at the Rotary Park gym here. They said they were saddened by his loss.

“I hope we get a share of his earnings even if he lost,” said survivor Ruperto Rejas, 60.

The people watching the fight at the Lagao gymnasium in General Santos could not believe it when Pacquiao fell face down and remained motionless on the canvas for two minutes.

But when they realized what had happened, they rose and left.

Only Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio and her mother, Mindanao Development Authority Chair Luwalhati Antonino, remained sitting, with their security aides watching.

Custodio cried quietly, but her mother wailed when she realized Pacquiao had been knocked out.

“[It hurts] to see him knocked out like that,” Antonino said.

But despite Pacquiao’s defeat, “he’s still our champion,” Custodio said.

“What happened today will never erase the sacrifices he made, as well as the honor he has brought to this country,” she added.

Retire now

In Cotabato City, Jacky Mondejar, a local boxing analyst and among the first to train Pacquiao during the early years of his boxing career in North Cotabato, said Pacquiao’s performance had been diminishing these past two years and he needed to save himself by retiring with still eight belts from eight divisions.

Pacquiao-Marquez 4 was not a title fight, but Marquez was going home to Mexico as the conqueror of an eight-division world champion.

“Manny Pacquiao needs to retire,” Mondejar said.

“He has to admit that many things preoccupied his career the last two years … I was sad his fight with Marquez ended this way, so devastating,” he added. With reports from Frinston Lim and Edwin O. Fernandez, Inquirer Mindanao

Originally posted: 7:15 pm | Sunday, December 9th, 2012

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  • Diepor

    All religion is the same stupid sh..t, they just come with different wrapping .

  • Toronti Anon

    Mga kababayan ko, sa isip at diwa, sa puso, at sa kaluluwa,

    My Brothers and Sisters,

    Let us first remember to pray for Faith, Hope, and Lovingkindness in these last few days of advent, as we exclaim Marana Tha! Come, Lord Jesus! Come! Afterwards, we should remember to speak to others, bearing in our mind, our spirit, our lips (and our hands and fingers as we type!) with the fruits of the spirit of the second vatican council fathers.

    While I sympathize with and pray with Mrs. Dionisia Pacquiao’s wishes for her son to rekindle the spark imprinted on his soul, by God through the Holy Spirit, on his baptism in the Roman/Latin Rite; I cannot agree with her careless public comment that “He lost because God wanted him to.”

    I cannot agree with it, if it was made about God.Consider this, when our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, expired on the cross, did the Blessed, the Clement, the Sweet Virgin Mary — the Holy Mother of God, Immaculately Conceived without Original Sin, Assumed into Heaven on her last day in this mortal world — did she express such lament? I can THINK that it is possible and likely that she may have done so, but most likely it would have been a private one, we have no record of it. And had she lamented, I am sure it would have been a lament addressed TO God.

    Therefore, while this speech of Mrs. Dionisia Pacquiao can be an expression similar to the penitential psalms, I do not think that Pacquiao’s mother is a qualified theologian to make such a statement about God; however, since I do not personally know her, so I would like to think that she expressed this in that spirit of lament (and I am one with her for it, although I am more lamentful that Pacquiao has not yet chosen to better study, understand, and live Catholicism; he should understand that there is no Christian tradition that is more rooted in the Bible than the Roman Catholic Church and the churches in full communion with the Bishop of Rome); so, either we think that she was lamenting to God, or otherwise some unscrupulous media reporter manipulated her into saying such a thing to get a quote that can be publicized. I hope that her parish priest is a good pastor to counsel her and if necessary, instruct her on this matter.

    Personally, I lament not the loss of Pacquiao in his match — from which I am sure he can easily recover — I lament because I would have wished that instead of turning to self-proclaimed pastors from quasi-protestant/quasi-Christian denominations, so I would have wished that Pacquiao would have instead listened to THE pastor sent by the Lamb of God, the next bridge in the apostolic successors of Peter, a bridge, but also a supreme bridgemaker, the Pontifex Maximus, Pope Benedict XVI — or any of his good hearted servant pastors, the validly ordained catholic priests in the Philippines — so that Pacquiao, as should all of us, would renew his faith in this year of faith.

    After all, among our spiritual forefathers was a great athlete, one who wrestled with God as he wrestled with his faith and his conscience–Jacob, an ancestor of David, an ancestor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.I hope that as Pacquiao reconsiders to fight once more as a boxer, may he have the courage to struggle and come to terms with the essential teachings of the Catholic Faith and see and accept the truth within our faith — Ephphatha! May Pacquiao, and many of us, remember that the Lord God has opened our hearts and our souls from our baptismal blessings, that we may live to praise God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Now! and Forever!

    To summarize,

    1) Mrs. Dionisia Pacquiao IS CORRECT IN LAMENTING TO GOD about her son.

    2) She is correct in wishing for her son to be in full communion with the Roman Catholic faith, headed by the Pontifex Maximus, the Vicar of  Christ, Pope Benedict XVI. I am one with her in praying that this miracle may happen. Pacquiao should remember that our personal relationship to God is expressed most fully in the celebration of the sacrament of the eucharist, when we “enter into communion with him and form but one body in him” — you can’t be more personal than that! And, while it may be challenging for most people other than the priests and the religious, faithful listening and study of God`s Word as spoken through the mass over the days, over the liturgical seasons, over the years is certainly faith-forming and conscience-forming–you can’t be more “biblical” than that!

    3) While I am calling for people to recognize that her statement should not be taken as a statement about God, but a statement to God, I recognize that there is some depth in her devout faith. Have you seen the Pieta by Michaelangelo, even from pictures? The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church recognizes the truth in this religious art, but guess what this scene is not in the bible. But that is okay, it is not literally in the bible, but it does not have to be, because the truth it expresses is in the bible. And so is the Catholic faith — remember Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi! As we Worship, So we Believe, So we Live!

    Also, on a more serious matter, I sincerely hope and pray that someone, like an angel, from the philippine conference of catholic bishops, the office of cardinal tagle, and the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, is reading this and taking this matter seriously — even If only a minute iota of a fraction of the responses and statements made here by people who claim to be roman catholics is taken to be a barometer for the state of the faith of the roman catholic church in the philippines, then Cardinal Tagle and his fellow servants of God have a lot of work ahead of them — because thereis an extreme, urgent, important, deep and valid need for a New Evangelization in the Philippines!

    If these were older times, I am sure that the Vicar of Christ might have sent the hounds of God (Domini Canes) together with God’s marines (the Jesuits), to address this need, but they are already in the Philippines and we still need more evangelization not to mention a renewal of evangelization. So perhaps a new breed of catholic clergy, catholic ministers, and catholic faithful laity with well formed faith and conscience is necessary. The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines should act soon and act properly, otherwise, to borrow a term from the pontifex, these ecclessial communities would most likely swoop and tempt many catholics even if they have a deep faith.

    Putting sports squabbles aside, can the blue eagles spread their wings and soar to new heights and both spread the message of and point towards God through the new evangelization? Can the green archers successfully defend the faith against enemies of the new evangelization, from without but more importantly from within? Can their arrows pierce the hearts of men that they may renew? Can the growling tigers echo the insight of and sharpness of mind of their patron that the whole country and the worldwide diaspora remember that there was a time when our country was a candle, a light for Chrisitianity in the far east (asia)?

    We can still be that light!

    I hope that Cardinal Tagle and his fellow servants of God is up to the challenge of spreading the new evangelization and enrich the faith of our people (fear not, you can always ask for help from the servant of the servants of God, he has sent help to the faithful in other parts of the world, I am certain that the Lord will send help through him) and may almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit bless the clergy and the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church, in the Philippines and in all of His Domain, now, during this year of faith, and forever!

    Amen, Amen, and Amen!

  • Jimenez

    Ito naman ang aking kwento: Sa patuloy ko na pagsama sa gf ko dati (wife ko na, born again din sya), sa kasamaang palad, nagpabinyag ako sa kanila.. Meaning, naging Born Again din ako! 5 years ako nalubog sa kasamaan ng kultong yan.. Every month, nag bibigay kami ng 10% tithes.. dapat daw based sa Gross Income ko (hindi Net ha) ibig sabihin mas malaki… Ano daw ba ang gusto ko, NET lang ng biyaya sa Dyos or Gross ang magiging kapalit? Lahat ng born again makakabasa nito, agree dito.. Yung pastor namin, walang trabaho (yan ang lagi ko sinasabi) umaasa lang sa 10% tithes… Malaki income ng born again kasi mandatory ang remittances..

    Nakita ko sa loob ng Church ang mga hindi tunay na tao, plastik, mapagkunwari.. umiiyak-iyak habang nagsasabi ng “Lord! Lord!”.. Pero masama pala ang kalooban… Di ako agree sa mga pangaalipusta nila sa Katoliko.. Panlalait at pangiinsulto.. Ang alam ko dati MALI ANG DOKTRINA NG KATOLIKO, pero di yata nila deserve yun.. Naisip ko, pag dating pala ng araw, ganyan na rin ako..
    After 5 years (kasal na kami ng wife ko sa born again), na-invite naman ako ng isang kabarkada sa PREx (isang Parish Seminar) sa amin… Tingin ko wala naman masama, kaya sumama ako.. Doon ko natutunan ang totoong background ng Katoliko, lahat ng doktrina, at mga sacramento, etc.. pinaliwanag dun lahat.. History ng Simbahan, si Pope, Rosary etc..

    Dun na ako napa-isip… Sinubukan ko pumasok sa loob ng Adoration Chapel, (magisa lang ako noon sa loob), dun ko naramdaman ang pagmamahal ng Dyos sakin – ang pagbabalik ko sa Kanya.. umiyak ako ng umiyak..humingi ako ng tawad..di ko nga napansin 4 hours na pala ako sa loob.. Nag-kumpisal ako sa Pari, at communion… Naisip ko, 5 Years kong tinanggihan ang Katawan ni Kristo, pero di Sya sumuko sakin.. Hinanap Nya parin ako.. (mahaba pa sana ang kwento ko. short-cut na lang natin)

    Ngayon, ang Born Again kong asawa, na-convert ko na rin sa pagiging Katoliko.. para matanggap namin ang Sacramento ng Matrimonya, kinasal ulit kami sa Catholic Church last year!  (against ang pamilya nya pero nakumbinsi ko rin)

    • Ding

      Sana magdulot din ng aral at inspirasyon ang inilihad mo…congratulations!

      • Jimenez

        Thanks.. kaya di pwedeng kontrahin ako ng Born Again kasi naging leader kami sa group ng mga mag-asawa… Alam ko lahat ng pasikot-sikot sa loob ng kultong yan..

    • JEO

      ako rin sir dumaan ako sa bible study ng katoliko kaya alam ko walang basihan ang bornagain na yan sa ang sakit pa magsalita akala mo na kung sinong propheta!

      • Jimenez

        ganyan kami dati.. pinagaaralan namin yung mga mali sa katoliko para makumbinsi sila na umalis na pagka-katoliko.. pero yung paraan na pag-convert ang ayoko.. masyadong mapanira, wala naman basehan kung pagaaralan mabuti..

  • Ding

    I had heard this ‘born agains’…but, never seriously thought about it, when a friend invited me to come with him.  When asked, he said born again is not a religion, but more an experience on one’s relationship with God.  Out of curiosity, I went with him.

    At the venue, no one did the sign of the cross, except myself. “I’m a Catholic”, I told them.
    Around 30 were in that session, that ended with light refreshments.

    “Two years, to become a pastor?” I asked my friend, “our priests complete priesthood, somewhere between 11-15 years confined inside seminaries?. I got no clear response from my friend.>>>

    My attendance could give me the chance to straighten their maligning Catholic beliefs and practices. I continued with my sign of the cross, even when they assigned one to concentrate on ‘teaching me’, while the rest were grouped in 4 or 5 to discuss the topic for that night. I got the ire of the one assigned to me, when I would always find a way to delve on why Catholics make the sign of the cross, reverence to the Virgin Mary, Catholic images and statues, which siignificance got crystallized in the events during the EDSA revolt, when the Marcos marines’ tanks, armalites, and even the sikorskey helicopters proved no match to the people’s rosaries, crucifixes, images of the Virgin Mary, and other Catholic religious articles. They brought me inside the CR, and next to the bathtub, they asked me to remove my t-shirt…they were baptizing me! OMG ! No !

    The pastor began by lightly putting his palm over my head, then started with a series of questions, like, “Do you believe in God?”…”Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” xxx Of course, my answers were ‘I do’…but then, I did not allow them to continue asking questions. Instead, I RECITED THE APOSTLES’ CREED, aloud and, completely, culminating with “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH, the communion of saints, the foregiveness of sins, the resurrection of the dead, and life everlasting. Amen.

    The following week, henceforth, no one dared invite me again.

    • Jimenez

      HAHA! kanya-kanyang experiences.. mas matindi pala ang naranasan mo kesa sakin.. Unang attend ko sa church service nila, pinatung lang kamay nila sa ulo ko at nag pray over.. parang nag perform ng exorcism..hehe..

    • JEO

      hahahaha..never I can give up my Catholic faith! The best and Happiness is priceless! Yes they are not catholic but they will celebrate christmas! hahahah

  • Redeemed_By_blood

    When Christ comes to live in us, everything changes, both our way of life and what we live for. We now live by faith, that means by spiritual truth, and not just by what we see with our eyes, and our life purpose is to know and obey Christ more and more. “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me ” (Galatians 2:20).

  • Redeemed_By_blood

    At the very first Christmas – the birth of Jesus – an angel announced three things, three purposes for Christmas:
    1. Christmas is a time for celebration
    2. Christmas is a time for salvation
    3. Christmas is a time for reconciliation

    Peace on earth goodwill to men..

  • mangingisdang_matanda

    a spiritual warrior of another sect last month talked to me, convincing me to attend their service so i will know Jesus Christ so I asked him if the Christ they know is different from the Christ i know and he said its the same but with them i will know him better, so i asked him if how many years did their pastor studied religion and the bible and he said 2 years and i told him well, i had been reading the bible since 1972 still not able to grasp all the contents of the bible! the priest studied for 10 years to become a one. it amazes me that your pastor can say that he can just preach the gospel because of that.

    he then said that i go to church to pray for idols and i told him who are you to judge me? did you know how i do about my faith?

    then he said that in catholic we have to kneel so i said to him what was the posture of Jesus when He was praying at Gethsemane after the last supper, was he standing or sitting? wasn’t He kneeling? didn’t David knelt before God so did Abraham? So do you mean to say you are more higher in stature than Jesus, David and Abraham because you won’t kneel before God? Would that mean that you are just equal with your God because you refuse to bow down before him?

     He left me for good

    as to what happened to Pacman during his last fight, for me it is a simple message; wake up from your dreamland when your pastors told you to relax from your practice and have a bible study because God is with you. 

    Bakit sya pinadapa? para humalik sya ulit sa lupa kung saan sya nanggaling.

    as the old addage goes, “ang taong hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makaabot sa paroroonan.

    • Ding

      Amen…mabuhay ka, kaibigan…na-experience ko ang ilan sa mga nabanggit mo…magpo-post ako ng aking similar experience.

    • Leslie dela Cruz

      Ang hindi ko lang gusto dito ay yung reaksyon ni Mommy D at sa harap pa ng media.Pero ina siya at nasasaktan siya sa nangyari.

      Galing!Kahit ako dumaan sa punto na gusto ko ng magpaconvert sa ibang denomination ng Christian dahil madami akong kilalang “born again” at dun sa very first job ko last year may bible study at held by my “born again’ friends.Nung time na yun natuto ako lalo kilalanin si Lord through His words.Nagbabasa basa din ako dati pero tulad ng dati “boring” ang dating sa akin deep inside.Isa din ako sa mga hipokritong Kristiyano before.The reason I attended the bible study because I want to know Him more at malaman ko pano magbasa ng bibliya.At the back of my mind,naisip ko di naman siguro nila ako i-a-ask na magpaconvert since open namn to sa lahat.Pero dumating dun sa punto na tinanong nila ako saan daw ako nagattend ng church ngayon.Pag church ang sinabi alam ko na meaning nun.Sabi ko sa church namin…sa Katoliko.Then in-inviteako ng isa ko friend na dun mag-attend sa in-attend-an nya.Nahihiya ako na directly tumanggi dahil baka maka offend ako,Pero di ako sumama nun iba ang dinahilan ko.Nasa isip ko dati pinanganak akong Katoliko mamatay akong Katoliko at mabigat sa diddib ko ang lumipat dahil ang alam ko anong silbi ng paglipat kung ganun pa din ang pamumuhay ko.Nung nagresign ako tapang ko nun dahil sabi ko kay God haharapin ko ang consequences Lord,susundin ko kung nasaan ang passion ko,Ilang buwan natambay ako,,,umiyak,,,nagtampo sa kanya at naagsimula manood ng born again TV Channel dito sa Pinas.May isang palabas dun na  foreign,,,kasi kantahan + comedy na aktingan about God at sa mga teens.Dun ko unti unti tiningnan yung mga kilala ko at napapanood na mga born again Christian.Eto ang napansin ko:1.Sa church nila ang daming youth,active.Kasi yung mga kantahan alive unlike sa Catholic.Nagbabasa sila ng bible compared mo sa mga kabataan na Katoliko.Pumunta ka sa simbahan puno pati labsa madami teenager pero nandun para magdate kasama pa ng barkada-daldalan,hapusan ng kamay habang nagmimisa.
      2.Madami silang alam na bible verse,alam nila ang mga karakter sa bibliya (nahiya ako sa sarili ko kasi hindi ako nagmula sa pamilya ng mga religious/”spiritual”
      3.Private conversation sila kay Lord,Hindi memorize ang prayers kaya hindi ka mag-aalangan kung may mali kang nasabi na sentences/words.
      4.alive sila sa pagpupuri kay Lord unlike sa atin na usually madaming inaantok-guilty ako dyan aaminin ko.
      5.Madami foundation na sila ang nag-organize at active na active.May sarili pa sila Channel.
      6.Yung mga kilala ko alive ang mga personality.Masayahin,madaling makisalamuha sa iba.Mababait naman talaga sila.
      7.Pag may pinagpe=pray sila gumagaling or nagkakatotoo.
      8.Maganda ang relasyon sa family or ng relatives.Gatherings na while praising Jesus.
      9.Magagaling sila kumanta ,at marunong ng mga musical instrument.Magaganda yung mga songs nila.Madami nga ako favorite.
      10.Yung mga pare  natin (sabi nung isang comment dun sa FB page ng KAPE’T PANDASAL) magaganda ang tinutulugan,samantalang sa labas ng simbahn ang daming natutulog sa lansangan,may nagbebenta pa ng mga “gayuma” and the like; yung mga magagaling/talagng dedicated sa vocation nila na pari or brothers sa mga exclusive schools nagtuturo samantalang si Hesus nakikisalamuha sa makasalan at kung saan saan pumupunta maipakalat lang ang salita ng DIYOS at magpagaling ng tao.
      11.Sa katoliko masyado estrikto.Minsan may nakita ako nagkamali lang ng dala yung school mate ko (nag High school ako sa isang Catholic school run by nun  sa province) sa pagdadala ng santo pinagalitan-di ba pwedeng sabihan ng maayos.Konting mali mo mapapagalitan ka na.Kaya dumating din ako sa point na akala ko hindi na ako mapapatawad ni Lord,kasi baka nagagalit din Siya agad sa konting pagkakamali ko-pano pa kaya sa malaki?
      12.May ibang pare/church leaders pabor sa mayayaman.Pag lalapit sa pader yung mga rich nako mahabang usapan yan kasi madami kwento si madam.kaya yung mahihirap parang naiintimidate na lang lumapit baka pagod na yung priest makipag-usap.
      13.di sila nahihiya na pag-usapan si Lord,tinataas nila yung kmay nila,iiyak,sisigaw,sasayaw

      Pinagpe-pray ko kay Lord na liwanagin ang puso ko.Matapos ko magresign nagsimula akong magtake ng 90days plan basahin ang bible.Tapos nako pero new testament lang yun.Magsisimula pa lang ako sa old di ko lang alam pano simulan.Naiisip ko isa yung mga friends ko na yun kung ba’t mas nakilala ko Siya.Pero ba’t nararamdaman ko magpaconvert na parang ayaw ko pa din.Naiisip ko kung naging mas malapit man ako kay Lord,Siya ang may gawa nun hindi ang tao-instrumento sila oo pero only God can change us.Ano ba talaga ang reason ba’t naeenganyo ako sa kanila?sabi ko kasi mag magiging active ako sa church pag sa kanila dahil madami sila activities.Pero habang nanonood ako ng EWTN napaisip ako tanong ako ng tanong kung ano magagawa sa akin ng simbahan ba’t ako may nagawa.ano ba nagawa ko para sa simbahan?

      Tapos timing napanood ko yung Journey Home-yung host na si Marcus Grodi na former protestant minister converted to Catholic.Dun sa story ng kanyang conversion isa ito sa pinakagusto ko na part 

      ““Marc, you can’t leave the church!” he scolded. “You must never leave the church; you’re committed to the church. It should not matter that some theologians and pastors are off the wall. We’ve got to stick with the church and work for renewal from within! We must preserve unity at all costs!”
      “If that’s true,” I replied testily, “why did we Protestants break away from the Catholic Church in the first place?””
      May nakapagsabi nga,na wala daw perpektong simbahan.Kung may makita ka man daw magiging imperfect yun pagsali mo sa kanila.Alam natin may nasosobrahan sa pagiging relihiyoso na mas may panahon pa sa pagsamba sa rebulto kesa basahin ang bibliya pero sabi nga ni God tayo ang bumubuo ng simbahan at bawat isa sa atin may parte.Madami tayong makikitang “ayaw” natin sa practices pero hindi dahilan para lumayo.
      Pero kahit din naman yung ibang denomination may down side din.Last month unang beses ko um-attend sa church nila.Naiyak din ako.Akala ko yun na yung hudyat na magpaconvert pero during nung entire worship and praise nila sa loob ko eto ? Hindi ko naramdaman yung akala kong mararamdaman ko.Naalala ko nag apply ako sa isang “born again” Christian na broadcasting..pagpasa ko pa lang resume tinanong ako san ako nag-a-attend ng church at sino pastor ,,,sabi ko Katoliko ako.Pinaiwan yung resume at wala ako nareceive na feedback,Siguro di talaga ako qualified sa position pero yung galak ko sa pag-aapply that time nauwi sa iyak kasi ba’t dapat tanungin yung church.Tapos may nabasa ako sa isang fb page may charity works gagawin yung isang born again Christian group ulit gusto ko sana magparticipate pero nakalgay sa requirements “Must be Born again Christian” Pati sa pagtulong sa kapwa kelangan tingnan ang relihiyon?May mga binili ako books na sinulat nung other Christian denomination na mga authors at magaganda ang laman.Pero one time nagbabsa ako nun may isang born again na nagtanong kung Christian ako.Alam ko ibig sabihin niya pero sa utak ko “oo Christian.Christian naman ang Katoliko ha.” Nung sabi ko sa kanya na “Opo.Catholic” Sumagot siya “Ah,kasi nagbabasa ka ng ganyan…” Anong masama?Christian values naman ang tinuturo ng libro na ‘to.Ilang beses na ako natatanong kung Christian ba ako.Hindi ba Kristiyano ang tingin nila sa Katoliko?Siguro,sabi nga nung bestfriend ko,yung maganda daw sa born again they call theirselve born again CHRISTIAN/CHRISTIANS alone pero tayo KATOLIKO lang sinasabi natin,
      At um-agree ako sa abi ni Lemuel dito yung culture convenience.Madaling sabihin na praise the Lord!I love You Jesus! Kung maganda ang pamumuhay mo or nakukuha mo ang gusto mo.
      Pinagpepray ko na rin na tigilan ko na ang pagcocompare ko sa kanila.Eto ang binigay na personality sa akin ni Lord,ba’t ko aasamin yung sa kanila.Dapat ba maging masayahin lagi ang aura ko at kasundo lahat ng tao para matanggap lang ako.Di man ako galing sa “ideal” or “perfect family” lahat ng nsa buhay ko Diyos ang nagbigay at nakaplano na yan sa Kanya.
      Thank you sa mga born again Christian ko na mga friend.Madami  ako natutunan sa inyo. :D Wala masama sa kanila.Nakapag volunteer ako isang beses sa “born again christian” na foundation-they’re nice.Iisang DIyos lang naman pinaniniwalaan natin.Christiano ka nga hipokrito naman samantalang may ibang “ateista” na mas mabuti pa nga sa kapwa.  
      Sa misa ng pare kanina nasabi niya 80% ng Pinoy ,mga Katoliko pero wala tayong sariling tc network unlike nung iba daw denomination na madami ng tv station kasi ,tayo daw mga Katoliko,di naturuang magbigay.Napaisip ako gusto siguro magbigay Father kaso nahihiya lang siguro kasi maliit lang.Walang maliit at malaki sa mata ng Diyos-tayong tao sa laki ng pera tumitingin si Lord sa puso natin tumitingin. :DGusto ko sumali sa mga activities ng simbahan pero di ko alam pano magsisimula.

  • Ding


    Iyan ay isinakatuparan at isinapuso ng bawat Katolikong, tagasunod ni Kristo, ang Katoliko Kristiyano.  Kung ayaw siyang kilalanin ng mga nagsasabing nasa Bibliya ang kaligtasan, nasa sa kanila na iyan, bahala na sila kung bakit nagtutunggali ang sinasabi nila sa mga binabasa nila.

    Sana naman ay igalang din nila ang paninindigan ng mga Katoliko — THE LORD WILL BLESS US ON WHAT WE HAVE IN OUR HEARTS, RATHER THAN on HOW MUCH BIBLE VERSES WE HAVE IN OUR MIND. 


    Si Virgin Mary ay kinilala ng Diyos, siya na nagdala sa kaniyang sinapupunan, lalang ng Espiritu Santo, hindi lang ng isang hari, kundi ng HARI NG MGA HARI, ng Diyos sa kaniyang pagkakatawang tao.  Tumpak lamang na tawagin natin siya’ng QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. 

    Kung ang Diyos na lumikha sa atin at sa kaniya, ay pinagkalooban siya ng Banal na Pagkilala, ano ang karapatan natin na bale-walain siya?  Hindi ba’t isa ‘yang kapalaluan.

    Mabuti na lang at wala pa sa isang patak sa isang dram ng tubig ang dami ng mga nagtatakwil sa Virgin Mary, ikumpara sa dami ng kumikilala sa kaniya.

    MANANATILI TAYONG KATOLIKO — CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS — sapagka’t saklaw ng kahulugan niyan ang tatag at tibay ng pananampalatayang Katoliko, na siya ring simbahang itinayo ni Lord Jesus Christ na inihabilin niya sa kaniyang mga disipulo, kaya walang hangganan, walang katapusan — universal.


    • Jimenez

      well said! sana maraming makabasa nito.. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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