Why Pacquiao must avoid The Ghost


(NATIONAL SALUTE: Here’s hoping they had offered a prayer for Gonzalo “Lito” Puyat, two-time president of the International Basketball Federation (Fiba) in yesterday’s start of PBA Philippine Cup Finals at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. Here’s also hoping authorities would find it apt to have flags in major basketball institutions, like the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas and the Philippine Basketball Association, flown at half-mast in honor of this fiery and dedicated sportsman who never wavered in his clamor for the establishment of a national sports ministry, cabinet level. Puyat, 79, was instrumental in crafting the bill that created the Philippine Sports Commission and had seen the Philippine national basketball team through memorable participations in the 1972 Munich Olympics and the 1974 World Basketball Championship in Puerto Rico. He was the father of youth basketball development in the country.)

* * *

DAMAGED or not damaged, the popular clamor remains that Manny Pacquiao must be made to box again.

How soon?

“It doesn’t matter, but it must be against Juan Manuel Marquez right away,” cries trader and Filipino-Chinese intellectual Peter Tanyao, a Pacquiao devotee who’s endlessly perplexed how his idol could’ve lost his last fight.

Trainer Freddie Roach had said that if Pacquiao should fight again, it must not be earlier than September.

Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum has given his nod but, before everything else, he insisted Pacquiao must have a more thorough head check in the United States.

* * *

Meanwhile, Pacquiao himself has said he wanted to see action as early as April, if possible.

Well, it’s too early to make a pick who Pacman must face after having suffered a shocking lights-out knockout against Marquez in Las Vegas early last month.

Do remember that Marquez was not even on top of the list in that raffle that determined Pacquiao’s foe following his controversial loss to the unbeaten Timothy Bradley last June.

Looking for the possible next foe, this reporter has turned to someone we’ve deemed competent enough to help make a choice and prevent another monumental national heartache.

* * *

The Pacman must make sure he avoids The Ghost?

The ghost of Juan Manuel Marquez?

“No, Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero,” cries international boxing correspondent Anthony Andales.

The US-based aeronautics engineer says Manny Pacquiao would “really be Brenda (brain-damaged) if he decides to face Guerrero.”


“Guerrero is a master boxer who thrives on craft and science,” he explains.” A perfect match for Pacquiao is Brandon Rios, a certified slugger.”

Andales says Pacquiao can easily demolish him, because Rios has “no defense and is tailored for Manny.”

* * *

So who’s Mr. Andales?

It would help to run this message he sent to the Inquirer last Dec. 4, four day’s before Pacquiao fourth encounter with Marquez.

“If Manny will be extremely aggressive as they plan to do, he might get knocked down, or even stopped. Marquez has mastered Manny’s style, kabisado na.”

He added: “In each of their last three fights, Marquez continued to improve, while Pacquiao declined. If we are to graph the performance, I expect Marquez to have a decision or late KO. Especially now when Manny’s heart is not for boxing anymore.”

* * *

Andales put $500 on underdog Marquez and collected $1,200.

He continued to explain: “If you noticed Marquez was the only pure boxer among Manny’s opponents, all the others were pure sluggers who stood in front and were either knocked out or retired by Manny.”

Anyway, after his latest text message, Andales was asked whether he noticed Pacquiao could still hit hard-but could no longer take a big punch.

“Well, they can do something about that,” he said.


“They should take out Freddie Roach or they could give him an assistant who can teach Pacquiao decent defense.”

  • http://twitter.com/TheDawnOfKier Kierran Escandor

    nope pacman can defeat The Ghost.. the brand of boxing guerrero is playing favours pacquiao.. he can outspeed the guy tho i think pac cant knock the guy out. yea pacman has poor defense but thats his style and the result is he is weak against counter punchers and thats not Guerrero’ type.. But i think The ghost will haunt mayweather soon haha 

  • Karabukov

    My main concern is a juiced up Marquez. Pacquiao, this time, should ask for random drug testing right up to the day of the fight.

    No, the main concern really should be Pacquiao’s medical fitness to fight again. As another article in the Inquirer says, Pacquiao should pass a set of stringent medical tests to rule out neurological and other medical risks to his health.

    If he does fight again, and now that I’ve read about the doctors’ concerns, I now believe he shouldn’t, I don’t think his first opponent should be Marquez. If he gets defeated again, even a split decision against Pacquiao will doom him to oblivion.

    I’d even go for a Mayweather fight for him now that the undefeated coward has regained confidence to face Pacquiao.

    First, a tune-up fight with a credible opponent, then Mayweather, then a fifth encounter with Marquez. Then Pacquiao can retire and become governor.

    President, or even vice president? Please, no.

    • edud01

      Stop playing games. You might HATE Mayweather, and that’s cool too, but your ARE dreaming if you think Pacquiao can beat him. In what universe do you live in? Can’t be this one. I like Pac, but would’nt want that DEFEAT on his record.

      • Karabukov

        No games. And no I don’t hate Mayweather. Of course, now that Pacquiao has been shown to be vulnerable in many ways by the smart fighter Dinamita, Mayweather is now raring to go against Pacquiao, albeit with the usual disdain and trashy talk.

        But if you go back not too long a time ago you will see that Mayweather was the one who made impossible demands to ensure that the fight would not materialize. Ergo, the Gayweather was the ducker, the scared one.

        Eeh, sure, not anymore.

        • http://www.facebook.com/edelnor.pagkaliwangan Edelnor S Pagkaliwangan

           no other boxer that break the nose of marquez……only pacquiao even mayweather cant do that now who is the stronger fighter?

    • tuk moll

      Ha ha ha, you’re saying Manny should ask for the very same thing that he refused to do when Floyd asked him to (random drug testing up until the day of the fight)?

      • Karabukov

        Yes, I’m afraid your “ha ha ha” is right on cue. Ironic indeed. I’ve voiced this concern before with the caveat that Pacquiao will be laughed out for the exact reason that you point out, but someone in the forum said Marquez actually offered to submit to drug testing with his future Pacquiao fights and so it may not be such a far-fetched proposal if only to leave no doubt whatsoever who is REALLY the best in this epic rivalry.

        Meanwhile, the coward Mayweather may have now have gathered enough courage to fight Pacquiao seeing how vulnerable he is after all.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUDXSLGDJSVES3MAZKXXMXJXXM Ratzkey

       Marquez will be senior citizen by that time lol …

  • tuk moll

    Ganoon pala — para manalo si Manny, kailangan piliin ng mabuti yung kalaban. Akala ko ba walang kinakatakutan si Manny?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/563AZXB7IIXRZY26F4GA7LOQQA rey


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P35SDHNMSITYIY4Q5UHXFSLQGI kk j

    Blah ! Blah ! Blah! What If Pac won the 4th fight with JMM , what are going to say ????

    • lanzthirteen

      Eh hindi nga eh, in fact the previous fights were he won against Marquez were questionable.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/563AZXB7IIXRZY26F4GA7LOQQA rey

      decoy yon prew,,,,,,,,bait fight para kay floyd…
      binasag mona ni pacman ang mokha ni juan…tapos akting ang kasonod ang ginawa ni manny


    Pacman is a damaged goods, truth be told and the Mike D’Antoni of boxing, i.e., F. Roach can’t fix that. 

    • Karabukov

      Pacquiao can retire now and he will still be one of the greatest boxers of all time.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/563AZXB7IIXRZY26F4GA7LOQQA rey

      bait fight dude….roll your brain….decoy for floyd to grow some balls….
      first juan face badly busted beaten.separated into two places.nose as will.
      then.acting came in..get it???????

  • anthon2013

    Pacman should stop fighting and enjoy his life now. He should spent his time with his family. Milyonaryo na sya and alisin na yan pride na yan. Baka ang kapalit naman ay pagsisisi. Stop fighting na Pacman. Naprove na nya na he is the greatest boxer of all time. * division champion na wala pang ibang boxers na nakakagawa at talagang mahirapan na maduplicate yun..Again STOP FIGHTING MANNY….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/563AZXB7IIXRZY26F4GA7LOQQA rey

    4th fight betwen juan an manny is…bait fight…..ok/…….boxing is business….
    for floyd finally face the pacman….and grow some balls….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FMILZVJMPLRYOGFXL6PPNEVS24 Mike Arroyo


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

    osla na talaga si Pakyaw wawasakin na talaga ni Marquez ang mukha ni Boy Tulog kapag muli silang nagharap…

  • novaliches

     Noong araw sinasabi ng halos lahat, huwag siyang lumaban kay DelaHoya
    kasi sobrang laki, at baka lang siya madi-grasya, tapos ang GAB (yata)
    ay nag-protest pa para hindi matuloy ang laban. Kung sinunod niya ang
    sabi ng mga “experts” hindi siya magiging 8 class world champion at
    magkaroon ng sang-damakmak na pera. ngayon pa ba siya maniniwala doon.
    Alam niya ang katawan niya, at makikinig lang siya sa sarili niya.

  • mannager

    Pacman has reach the saturation period…. What ever you feed him it won’t do any change… The skills that he use to have has been saturated too….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EH2YF32SXQQRMUAGYTOVDHNIZE Tolit's

    Pacquiao is the stronger and perhaps the bigger fighter in 1st,2nd,3rd fight but in the 4th fight Marquez which is already 40years old and spent fighting mostly in the lightweight division suddenly becomes the bigger and stronger fighter and I can see how strong Marquez that night when he easily knocked out Pacquiao in the 3rd round…how did he do that is a big question mark? Pacquiao has a tough chin and we saw it against bigger guys! Whatever Marquez is doing it should be closely watched if ever they fight again for the fifth time, especially his conditioning coach is a self confessed supplier of performance enhancing drugs.

  • Jose EJ Flores

    Offer prayers for the dead is alright but honor Gonzalo Puyat for his role in Philippine basketball is improper. Those who could still remember the evolution of local basketball would attest to this. Puyat was an ‘obstacle’ to Philippine basketball.

  • juanito_magallon

    I agree with that! I have said before the paquiao-marquez 4th fight that manny should look for another coach.

  • duviz7533

    panay tayo ngawa…senate president nga ayaw magretire dahil sa pera,si manny nakikipagbugbugan para kumita ng pera,pamigay man niya ang iba galing talaga sa bulsa niya,mas kailangan niya ang suporta ngayon.ganon din si nonito at brian,let’s support them.

  • almarjo

    Idol ko si Pacman, katunayan halos lahat ng laban niya ay may tape/CD ako, kasi nagsusubscribe ako sa PPV.  Nuong laban niya kay Bradley, napansin ko kaagad na wala yaong  Rosario sa leeg niya, at hindi rin nagsasign of the cross na dati niyang ginagawa.  So nuon pa man hindi na fully concentrated si Manny sa laban.  Hindi ko naman ibig sabihin na naparusahan siya, kundi hindi na 100% and isip niya sa boxing o sa kanyang ginagawa.  Get niyo mga kaboxing.

  • almarjo

    Isa pa palang observation mga ka-boxing, kung concentrated siya talaga, the fact na couple of second na lang ayon sa corner niya, di na siya dapat sumugod, at isa pa instead na going to the right pumasok siya sa bandang left, at sumuntok siya gamit ang kanan, kasi kung left niya ang ginamit walang way na masuntok siya ng ganoon dahil salag ang kanan ni Marquez sa kaliwang kamay.  OK ba yon mga kaboxing.  Yon ay observation ko lang naman.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74P4XSGMFI3QYLFJLZEGS6THOI Eduardo

    Tutoo yong sinabi mo Mr. Almarjo, wala talagang depensa si Pacquiao kahit noon pa at sa tagal nang round nila ni Marquez bale 42 rounds ng naglaban etong dalawa boxer na yan eh alam na alam na ni Marquez yong fighting style ni Pacquiao at hindi hirap si Marquez sa kaliweteng boxer di gaya ni Floyd Mayweather nemesis niya yong mga southpaw boxer at makikita mo yan sa laban niya kay Castillo. Pero sa palagay ko lang dapat na talagang mag-retire ni Manny Pacquiao kasi mahirap nang mapunta pa siya sa kalagayan ni Z-Gorres at saka ano pa naman ang gusto ni Pacquiao sa buhay niya? Ego at pride lang siguro ang nararamdaman niya kasi sa Knock-out loss niya ka Marquez. Mahirap talagang isipin yan kagaya ng ma-knock out niya si Hatton ayon sa balita eh mahigit isang buwan bago nakuhang lumabas ng bahay niya siguro dahil nahihiya sa paraan nang pakatalo niya ganyan din marahil ang nararamdaman ni Manny Pacquiao. 
    Natalo man si Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao sa mga nakaraang laban niya, para sakin siya parin ang Champion!!! 
    Maraming salamat Manny sa karangalang binahagi mo sakin kasi naging kilala ang mga Filipino sa labas nang bansa natin dahil sa’yo!

    Isa ako sa mga tinatawag nilang “Bagong Bayani” ng Pilipinas, 1980 ako mag umpisang magtrabaho dito!!!

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