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JuanMa alert: To be or not to pee?


That dear friends, boxing fanatics, ladies and gentlemen, is the question.

Will Juan Manuel Marquez, once described as a “pee juice drinker” by a visiting foreigner who claimed closeness to Manny Pacquiao, agree to fight the fallen Filipino boxing superhero a fifth time?

That proposed fifth fight, originally a doubtful possibility, caught fire and soared like a rocket, tottered, recovered and went up again, before suddenly drifting out of sight.

Marquez three days ago declared “Four is enough!”

* * *

The Mexican ring great was terse and firm.

He said there’s no use fighting Pacquiao a fifth time.

He said he has nothing more to prove.

He said he had been cheated in his second and third bouts against Pacquiao.

But he has more than erased doubts on his heroic worth with that conclusive, cold-blooded KO conquest in Las Vegas on Dec. 8.

* * *

He was, in short, all his weight in gold when he returned to the arms of his ecstatic countrymen.

What could be more sensational, emphatic than the classic unmasking of a rival who had been gleefully celebrated as the Mexican Executioner?

He returned and was paraded around Mexico, not unlike a conquistador holding up Pacquiao’s head in his triumphant right hand.

* * *

Here at home, there was overall shock coupled with gloom and grief.

Fans were suddenly divided on whether or not Pacquiao should be made to box again.

There was also the instant reassessment of Pacquiao’s tarnished worth.

Countless Pacquiao devotees turned their interest to others.

Like Nonito Donaire Jr. on whom they could try to invest their hopes.

* * *

What has been left of Pacquiao’s worth? That won’t be easy to size up.

But what was rather unnerving was one tabloid headline that tried to sell Pacquiao as dumped garbage.

“Pacquiao, ibinasura ni Marquez,” cried the headline.

That was rather sour, if not truly off-focus.

* * *

Truth is that Marquez had himself doubted Pacquiao’s worth as a rival.

The Mexican could be right:

Beating Pacquao would not add up to his hard-earned legacy.

He has more than proven his point.

But, come to think of it, what’s truly behind Marquez’s sudden decision?

Was he merely playing hard to get?

Was he and his manager Fernando Beltran playing mind games.

Boxing specialist Hermie Rivera smells something fishy. Here, he claims, is the catch:

“Everybody knows there would be an explosion, a scandal if the fifth Marquez-Pacquiao clash pushes through. Keep in mind that the Lance Armstrong scandal exploded after he confessed to Oprah about his hidden drug use throughout his seven-time reign as Tour de France king. Keep in mind that Armstrong’s admission created a monstrous uproar planet-wide, thereby rendering Memo Hernandez et al virtually impotent in pulling off another of his usual stunts (PEDs) racket. Because of the keen interest of various drug agencies, like the Usada and the Wada, we can say there’s a red alert also out there in the boxing world.”

* * *

Boxing man Sydney Hall, last seen by this reporter when Pacquiao stopped Emmanuel Lucero at the Olympic Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles, was in town recently.

He said he was sidelining as consultant to Pacquiao. He was livid upon learning of plans to have Marquez and Pacquiao fight in a single card, possibly in Singapore.

“That pee juice drinker has no right seeing action in the same card with Pacquiao” Hall cried.

Well, it’s open knowledge that Marquez also used to drink his own urine while training for a big fight.

Will Marquez agree to a blood test or pee into a test tube if and when a fifth encounter with Pacquiao pushes through.

To be or not to pee?

Hermie Rivera knows the naughty reply.

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  • Wendell

    Did Marquez Use Steroids Prior to his 4th Fight Against Pacquiao?

    December 28, 2012 Nonoy | website: cebudavao(dot)com

    This was the intuition that struck me after seeing Marquez knocked Manny Pacquiao out on their 4th fight with 2:59 seconds left in the sixth round.

    I’m not a hard loser for being a Manny Pacquiao die-hard fan that I cannot accept Pacquiao’s brutal loss. It’s just too shocking and too unusual for me to see Pacquiao knocked out just like that.

    There were numerous doubts about Marquez being clean on their fourth fight against Paquiao. I want to quote certain boxing experts about what they have to say about the Pacquiao-Marquez 4. Here’s a partial transcription of TYT Sports video I got from YouTube. I hope I got it correctly.

    Rick Strom of TYT Sports said in a phone interview with Robert Ecksel, editor-in-chief of boxing(dot)com:
    “I don’t think he’s slowed down, well, a little bit, he’s slowed down a little bit, yes, with age and competing in this brutal sport for all these years; but he kept hitting Marquez over and over and over again with those straight left hands. He unleashed brutal combinations. Round Five is the round of the year possibly.

    But he just got hit from a guy who was, well I’m not saying Marquez was juicing. I leave that up to the viewers.

    If you didn’t know going in into this fight the sanctioning bodies and the two fighter camps did not agree of drug testing prior to this fight, and Marquez has brought in a guy who was heavily associated with the Balco controversy.

    Marquez is 39 years old. He obviously came in as the older fighter than Pacquiao 33. Obviously with their past is intriguing he hire someone who was involved in the BALCO scandal. Did you personally think that he was juicing for this fight?”

    This is what Robert response to Rick Strom’s suspicion:
    “I can’t really know. What I do know is that the Nevada commission will run a post fight test. So we’ll find out if there is any. But I really can’t know. I don’t know what’s going on with their camp. We do know Angel Heredia has changed his name to Memo Hernandez and has his own s**t*y past. But he turns the evidence and ratted out his colleagues so he wouldn’t be charged and get in jail. So he’s not necessarily the finest customer in town. But he has found a home in boxing. Once again boxing seems to be a refuge for people of that sort.

    We have to assume that Marquez is innocent until proven guilty. Again his amazing physical transformation is a bit alarming. But he is an athlete, an impeccable athlete.”

    Rick Strom continued:
    “5th round when they were unleashing combinations on to each other. Marquez got hit repeatedly, over and over to his face with left hands. From what I saw he took him like a champ.

    But he didn’t move. His legs didn’t shake. He didn’t step back. He didn’t get stunned. He took a punch in the face and just stood there. Did Pacquiao lose a step? Do you think it was the vigorous training he was able to somehow take those punches over and over again?”

    Watch the video to continue Robert Ecksel’s response.
    Video title: Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao 4
    Video posted by: tytsports | Published on Dec 10, 2012
    (Watch this video at youtube channel)

    A week after the fight LAtimes reported that Pacquiao and Marquez tested negative for PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

    What interests me more is the comment by one reader of that article. Read the screenshot below from that LAtimes reports dated December 14, 2012.

    Click the image to read it clearly.

    The screenshot can’t be posted here. Instead I copy-pasted the comment from LAtimes for you to read: 
    theodore alford at 12:34 PM December 15, 2012
    A test after the fact is not conclusive that Marquez didn’t unwittingly, or knowingly use Performance Enhancing Drugs.  Let me just remind as many people that will listen that A.) Marion Jones never tested positive for anything and neither did Lance Armstrong. A urine test is old and outdated. The drugs today have outpaced Urine screening.  As far as the Morales incident the USADA handled its part of the bargain there. They published their findings to the promoters and athletes. The promoters and athletes decided it was a non factor and moved forward. If he would have been caught using a more dangerous substance he would not have fought and he would have been suspended by the various licensing bodies. Marquez strength and conditioning coach is really a thorn in his side. Pacquiao’s nonchalant stance on testing a apparent dis of Mayweather may have cost him. We don’t know because the proper protocol to possibly catch anyone who may have been using PED’s was not in place. Marquez passed the test but anyone with half a brain knows that the doubts have not subsided.Money is on the line people’s livelihoods Pacquiao could have been seriously hurt. Better, more thorough testing is required. 
    Source: Los Angeles Times | Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao drug tests come back negative | By Lance Pugmire | December 14, 2012

    You judge if the comment is plain sour graping or suspicion still is relevant and reasonable.

  • ethan ralph siapuetco

    To All Boxing Fans Still Interested For A 5th Clash,

    Just Imagine Only After That 6 Round What Will Might Happen To Marquez If That  ” Shot Of The Year ” Was Not Served And Delivered !

  • Wendell

    Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez V Will Feature Strict PED Testing

    By Alex Groberman, Wed, January 30, 2013 | Opposing Views
    Juan Manuel Marquez earned a very impressive victory over Manny Pacquiao this past December. Whereas Pacquiao picked up his two wins over Marquez by way of controversial decisions and questionable scoring, Marquez got his in the only manner which does not lend itself to questioning after the fact. A knockout is a knockout. There can’t be any arguments about the validity or legitimacy of a knockout.



    Before his last fight even happened, Marquez was forced to confront questions regarding how precisely at age 39 he was suddenly in the best shape of his life. Mind you, he didn’t have to fend these inquiries off from bloggers and TV provocateurs; Freddie Roach, one of the most respected men in all of boxing, famously said in an interview: “If [his body] is natural, I will kiss his a**. [Marquez] has gotten bigger and gained weight – it throws up a red flag. I’ve been accused so many times of my fighters being on steroids (that) I hate to accuse other people. But it is part of our life, part of the world we live in.”

    The accusations, while not based off anything more than the eye test, were there for a reason. It wasn’t just that Marquez suddenly had more strength and such a sculpted physique, it was also about who helped him attain both. His new association with Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia, an admitted PED peddler, raised a lot of red flags. And while Marquez has consistently denied doing anything wrong, natural human reasoning suggests that if you suddenly become stronger and bigger after linking up with a guy who provides illicit materials that help you do just that – maybe there is a connection there.

    For his part, Marquez has denied the charges.

    “You can say anything you want, but [if] you don’t have any proof, it means nothing,” Marquez told SI com (Sports Illustrated). “I told them I am willing to take any exam they want. Let’s go together, we’ll do it together.”

    To Marquez’s credit, he did take the tests. And those tests did come back clean. Of course, as we have learned over the years, the tests conducted don’t test for everything. Something athletes are all too aware of.

    “As far as people thinking I am taking steroids? I would take the test. Let them take my blood,” the 39-year-old said in another interview. “I don’t care. [I would do it] just to shut everybody up. Of course my fight tests have always been clean. I don’t know how those rumors get started”

    All of which leads us to this: inevitably, Pacquiao’s team will enforce much stricter PED testing guidelines this time. On the last go-round they saw Marquez get bigger and stronger, but they still cockily believed they would beat him anyway. Following the events that took place last December – they know better now.

    When negotiations officially begin for a fifth bout, expect for testing to supplant purse split as the big topic of interest.

  • joshua kings

    sa mga bulag na fnas ng pakyaw, gumsing nga kayo!
    nagpapakamatay kayo sa idolo ninyo eh di namna kayo pinapansin….
    di naman kayo ang mahalaga sa kanya at ginagamit lag kayo sa kanyang baliw na ambisyon…
    para sa kanya, kuwarta, fame at pulitika lang ang gusto at mahalaga…
    gagamitin lang kayo para siya maging sneador tapos presidente.
    pati relihiyon, ginagamit din eh. hayun, pastor at siya nag-gagamitan…
    hahahaha!… mga baliw!  LOL.

    • Wendell

      Paano mo naman nalaman ang lahat ng mga pinagsasasabi mo? Bakit, kilala mo ba si Manny PACQUIAO? Alam mo ba kung ano ang iniisip niya? Kilala mo ba ang mga sumusuporta at humahanga kay Manny? Alam mo ba ang mga nasa isip nila? Wow, ang galing mo naman! Pwede ka palang pang That’s, THAT’S INCREDIBLE! Isa pa, pwede ka ring pang Regal, REGAL SHOCKER!

      Si Manny ay sinusuportahan ko at hinahangaan dahil isa siyang Pilipino, Pilipinong taga-Mindanao, na nagbibigay ng karangalan sa Pilipinas sa larangan ng sport, ng boxing. Ang pagsuporta ba at paghanga kay Pacquiao o sa kahit sinumang personalidad ay nangangahulugan ba na dapat may kapalit na pagpansin? Kahit sinong personalidad o hinahangaan na tao sa buong mundo, ay walang obligasyon na pansinin ang lahat ng sumusuporta sa kanila dahil kahit gustuhin nila, wala silang kakayanan para gawin iyon. Sa dami ba naman! Gayundin, ang mga humahanga o sumusuporta kay Manny o sa kahit sinumang personalidad, ay hindi nang-uubliga at namimilit na pansinin sila. Ikaw, kapag may hinahangaan ka ba, kailangan bang pansinin ka ng hinahangaan mo?

      Sa sinasabi mo naman na ambisyon nya na maging senador at presidente, kung totoo ito (kung totoo ang sinasabi mo, bakit hindi mo ipost ang source mo? Baka mamaya, kuwentong kutsero lang pala!), paano mo naman nalaman na iboboto ko siya, na iboboto siya ng mga humahanga sa kanya? Alam mo ba ang mga nasa isip namin. Kilala mo ba kami? Ako personally, sinusuportahan ko siya sa boksing, pero sa pulitika, sa iba ko iyon ibibigay, sa mga inaakala kong mas karapat-dapat at mas may kakayanan sa kanya.

      At isa pa, paano mo naman nalaman na nagpapakamatay ang mga humahanga kay Manny, dahil lang ba ipinagtatanggol nila si Manny dito sa forum? Ikaw nga banat ka nang banat kay Manny ng hindi niya nalalaman at hindi ka naman niya kilala. Ano ang tsansa para mabasa niya ang mga pinagsasasabi mo? SINO KA para pansinin at pag-aksayahan ng panahon ni Manny? At ikaw nga ang mukhang nagpapakamatay dahil kay Manny. Biruin mo, banat ka nang banat kay Manny pero hindi naman niya nalalaman at nababasa ang mga pinagsasasabi mo! PARA KA PALANG SUMUSUNTOK NG WALA SA HANGIN! Gets mo?

      Tutal naman, banat ka ng banat kay Manny nang hindi niya nalalaman, bakit hindi mo na lang kaya siya hamunin ng suntukan, para naman may laban si Manny sa ‘yo JK!? Luging-lugi si Manny sa iyo dahil hindi niya alam na kung anu-ano pala ang pinagsasasabi mong masasama sa kanya. Pagkakataon mo na ito JK na lumaban ng patas! Ipakita mo ang tapang mo at huwag kang gagaya kay Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, na NADUWAG na sa hamon ni Manny Pacquiao para sa 5th fight! Mukhang TUMIKLOP, NABAHAG ANG BUNTOT at NANGINGINIG NGAYON SA TAKOT si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez kay Manny Pacquiao dahil nakarating na siguro sa kanya ang balitang isasama na sa fight contract ang strict random blood and urine drug testing. Kaya JK, ipakita mo sa buong Pilipinas ang tapang mo at huwag kang gagaya kay Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, na NADUWAG na sa hamon ni Manny Pacquiao para sa 5th fight! Hamunin mo si Manny Pacquiao ng suntukan! Square kayo! Baka sakaling sa hamon mo, pansinin ka ni Manny at pagbigyan ka, para naman mailabas mong lahat ang galit at inis mo kay Manny at hindi ka na lang basta sumusuntok ng wala sa hangin. Aba, nakakapagod yata ‘yon!

      Ako, personally, ano naman ang dahilan para magpakamatay ako para kay Pacquiao? Hindi ko kilala si Manny, hindi niya ako kilala, nagkataon lang na Pilipino si Manny kaya ko siya sinusuportahan sa kanyang boxing career. Kung ibubuwis at iaalay ko man ang buhay ko, hindi para kay Manny, kundi para sa pamilya ko at sa pagtatanggol sa ating bansang Pilipinas. Computer Engineer ako, graduate ako sa PUP Sta. Mesa (Manila), isa akong iskolar ng bayan. Bilang isang Computer Engineer na may minamahal at kinakalingang pamilya, ano naman ang kinalaman ko kay Manny? Ang koneksyon lang ni Manny sa akin at sa mga sumusuporta at humahanga sa kanya ay ang pagiging isa niyang Pilipino, Pilipinong taga-Mindanao, na inaalipusta mo, na nagbigay ng napaka-laking karangalan sa Pilipinas pagdating sa boxing. Kilala namin siya dahil napapanood at nababasa namin siya. Kung anumang yaman at pera mayroon siya ngayon, lahat ng iyon ay nakuha niya sa sarili niyang pagsisikap, pawis at dugo. Baka nakakalimutan mo na bilang boksingero, buhay ni Manny ang nakataya everytime na lumalaban siya! Akala mo ba laro-laro lang ang propesyon ni Manny? Subukan mo kayang pasukin ang pagboboksing at makipag-basagan ka rin ng mukha para malaman mo at maranasan mo kung gaano kahirap at kadelikado ang ginagawa ni Manny Pacquiao na pagboboksing? Sa palagay mo ba kung hindi sila mahirap noon at nakapag-aral lang siya papasukin ba ni Manny ang ganito kadelikadong propesyon? Mukhang kulang ka sa pang-unawa. Hindi mo ba alam na dahil sa achievements ni Manny sa boxing ay mas nakilala at mas kinikilala na ang Pilipino, ang Pilipinas sa buong mundo? Hindi mo rin ba alam na dahil sa achievements ni Manny sa boksing at dahil sa kanyang pagiging friendly, magalang, sa kanyang trademark na wide smile and humble character, ay tumaas ang respeto ng buong mundo sa mga Pilipino, sa Pilipinas? Nandito naman ang internet, baka kulang ka lang sa basa.

      At sa sinasabi mong baliw, basahin mo nga uli ang mga pinagsusulat mo dito sa forum? OBVIOUS na OBVIOUS na sa sulat at construction mo pa lang ng comment mo, NO DOUBT, kailangan mong magpatingin sa isang psychiatrist. Bakit? Para ka kasing wala sa sarili! Puro ka imahinasyon! Puro ka guni-guni! Isa pa, sa ending ng iyong comment, tumatawa ka, may “hahahaha!” na, may “LOL” pa! Hindi ba parang sign din ‘yan ng isang NABABALIW? I think you really need to seek the help of a psychiatrist. At bakit ba INIS NA INIS KA at ANG LAKI-LAKI NG GALIT MO kay Manny at sa mga sumusuporta at humahanga sa kanya? May nagawa bang kasalanan si Manny sa ‘yo? May nagawa bang kasalanan sa ‘yo ang mga sumusuporta at humahanga kay Manny? Ni HINDI KA NGA KILALA ni Manny. At hindi ka rin kilala ng mga sumusuporta at humahanga kay Manny. Nagbibintang ka sa mga fans na hindi mo naman nakikita o kilala. Ang galing mo naman, alam mo at nababasa mo ang mga isip nila! Puro ka imahinasyon! Puro ka guni-guni! Pinagbibintangan mo si Manny sa mga bagay na hindi naman niya ginagawa at obvious naman na ang mga pinagsasasabi mo ay produkto lang ng iyong imahinasyon at guni-guni. Patunayan mong lahat ang mga sinasabi mo, kasi kung hindi, kumpirmado na lahat ng ito ay bunga lang ng iyong imahinasyon at guni-guni. Patunayan mong lahat ang mga sinasabi mo, kasi kung hindi, KUMPIRMADO NA IKAW PALA ANG BALIW.

  • joshua kings

    PEDs, anyone?
    well, if one can imply that JMM used PEDs in his last fight with MP, then another can also doubt the latter’s conquest of several great opponents….
    it takes two to tango,

    • Wendell

      That is why Manny and Marquez should
      undergo VADA’s strict 24/7/365 days random blood and urine drug testing in case
      they fight again for the 5th time to catch who between the two is using
      Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association)
      could be the answer to prove who is clean and natural and who is cheating. Embracing VADA’s strict 24/7/365 days random blood and urine drug testing program is Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez’ chance to prove that they are indeed clean.

    • Wendell

      Posted Feb. 11, 2013

      JK, alam mo pala at aminado ka pala na gumagamit ng Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) ang Mexicanong si Juan Manuel Marquez, na nandaya siya! Bakit kinukunsinti mo pa? Ok lang pala sa ‘yo ang ginawang pandaraya ng isang Mexicano na si Juan Manuel Marquez sa isang Pilipino, na taga-Mindanao na si Manny Pacquiao. Mukhang ngang isa kang tunay na modern-day MAKAPILI!

      joshua kings

      korek ka kabayan; marquez will ask for the moon ika nga dahil alam niay na matanda na siya -40 na by that time…yung PEDs na tieyk niya malamang makasasama na sa kanya…..kung di siya ganid na di gaya nitong namamakyaw, palagay ko wala ng 5th,,,..

      6 days ago | in reply to Ratzkey

      page 3 of 3
      Source: Marquez balks at Pacquiao tiff
      ‘There’s no point doing a 5th fight’
      By Roy Luarca | Philippine Daily Inquirer | February 4th, 2013

      Buti na lang JK at kinumpirma mo na gumagamit talaga ng bawal na gamot o Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) ang Mexicanong si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, kasi tama pala ang hinala ng mga American, British, Canadian, and Filipino sports writers na nabasa ko, na si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez ay gumagamit ng Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)! Kaya naman pala biglang lumakas ang suntok ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, at naging mas malakas pa sa suntok ni Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao, yuon pala ay dahil sa tulong ng bawal na gamot o Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Kaya naman pala nakayanan at tumagal pa rin sa laban si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez kahit sabog na, maga na at duguan na ang ilong at nguso niya, ay dahil pala sa tulong ng bawal na gamot o ng Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). At kaya pala kahit anong lakas ng suntok ni Manny Pacquiao ang tumatama sa pagmumukha ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, sukdulang mawasak na ang nguso at ilong niya, ay nakaya pa rin niya itong tanggapin, para bang manhid na ang pagmumukha niya (ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez), ANG DAHILAN PALA AY ANG NAPAKALAKING TULONG NG BAWAL NA GAMOT O NG PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS (PEDS) na malamang ay nanggaling at ginawa ni chemist/scientist/nutritionist and admitted PED peddler/supplier Angel Hernandez/Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia of Mexico, at exclusive lang for Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez use. Bagay na bagay pala talaga ang bagong monicker ni Marquez na “PEDinamita”: from “Dinamita” na hindi umubra kay PACMAN, to “PEDinamita” para makapandaya kay PACMAN. Viva to Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez of Mexico! Viva to chemist/scientist/nutritionist and admitted PED peddler/supplier Angel Hernandez/Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia of Mexico! And Viva to kunsintidor JK of the Philippines!

  • Wendell

    Sir Recah Trinidad, matagal ko na pong napapansin na lahat yata ng naisulat nyo tungkol kay Manny Pacquiao na nabasa ko since Nov. 2011 (nang manalo siya laban kay Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez sa kanilang 3rd fight) hanggang ngayon, Feb. 2013, ay puro laban at pagtuligsa sa kanya, kay Manny Pacquiao. At lahat naman po ng papuri, na mukhang OVER na, ay ibinigay nyo nang lahat kay Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, as if Manny Pacquiao did not also gave Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez so much difficulty in their fights that he (Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez) even went to the canvas four times before their 4th fight, as if Manny Pacquiao has done nothing to almost single-handedly lifted Philippine boxing to its highest level, popularity and respect worldwide, not to mention his role in lifting world boxing and giving the boxing world so many exciting fights. Para bang ang tingin po ninyo kay Manny ay isa lang mahina at ordinaryong boksingerong PILIPINO at si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez na isang Mexicano ay super-galing at superstar na pinagkakaguluhan at minamahal ng buong mundo. Base po sa mga nabasa ko na isinulat ninyo, SOBRA-SOBRA ANG BILIB ninyo kay Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez na halos walang kuwenta na ang isang PILIPINONG boksingero na nagngangalang Manny Pacquiao, na kinikilala sa buong mundo dahil sa kanyang humble character, exciting fights at dahil kaisa-isa siyang boksingerong 8-weight division champion. Para pong isang Mexicanong writer ang nababasa ko kapag binibitiwan na po ninyo ang mga papuri at pagtatayo ninyo ng banko ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez. At para naman pong hindi PILIPINO writer ang nababasa ko dahil sa mga panlalait at hindi magagandang sinasabi ninyo kay Manny Pacquiao. Mukha pong NAPAKALAKI NG GALIT NINYO kay Manny Pacquiao. Ano po ba ang dahilan? Maaari po bang ipaliwanag ninyo? Kasi kahit ano po yatang gawin ni Manny Pacquiao, manalo o matalo siya sa laban, kahit pa inaayos na niya ang kanyang buhay mula sa mga hindi magandang gawain at bisyo niya noon, nakabuntot pa rin sa mga isinusulat ninyo sa kanya ang mga salitang hindi na po kaaya-aya at may kasama pa pong insulto. Nagtatanong lang po at nagtataka.

    Pahabol po: Sir Recah, noon po, kayo ang pinaka-paborito kong boxing analyst. Kayo po ang inaabangan ko sa tv na sana ma-imbitahan sa panel ng boxing analyst everytime may laban ang mga Pilipino boxers. Kapag kayo na po ang invited na mag-aanalyze ng boxing, preview, during and post fight, excited na po ako na marinig ang mga sasabihin ninyo, dahil para sa akin, kayo po ang pinakamagaling na Filipino boxing analyst. Pero ngayon po, sa mga nababasa ko po na isinusulat ninyo, na mukhang PINAG-IINITAN at SINI-SINGLE-OUT ninyo si Manny Pacquiao, nawala po totally ang paghanga ko sa inyo. Hindi ko na po makita ang pagiging OBJECTIVE ninyo.

  • Marshall

    Siguradong wawasakin ni Dinamita ang pagmumukha ni Manny “Boy Tulog “Pakyaw pag muli silang nagkaharap…napakalaki na ng takot ni Boy Tulog  kay Marquez marinig lang nya ang pangalan ni Dinamita naiihe na sa sobrang takot…Osla na talaga..

    • Wendell

      Gaano ka naman kasiguradong wawasakin ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez ang mukha ni Pacquiao samantalang ang pagmumukha nga ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez ang wasak noong huling naglaban sila. Paki-panood mo nga uli para makita mismo ng mga mata mo kung paano winasak ni Manny Pacquiao ang pagmumukha ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez! Puro dugo, puro dugo ang pagmumukha ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, samantalang si Pacquiao halos hindi nga makita kung may tama man siya, at wala siyang dugo sa mukha na tumutulo hindi gaya ng pagmumukha ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” na duguan. Duguan ang nguso at bibig ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, maga ang nguso ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, tumutulo ang dugo sa ilong ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, namamaga na rin ang ilong ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez dahil sa mga malalakas na suntok ni Manny Pacquiao sa pagmumukha ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez. At dahil sa dugo na lumalabas sa ilong ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, iniluwa niya ang mouthpiece niya para makahinga siya sa bibig. Yuong pagluwa ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez ng kanyang mouthpiece ay isa ng pandaraya kay Pacquiao dahil sinasadya niya ito. Bawal na bawal magluwa ng mouthpiece kung hindi naman ito lumabas sa bibig dahil sa resulta ng suntok. Dapat nga itinigil ni Ref. Bayless yuong laban nang iluwa ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez yuong mouthpiece niya para bigyan niya ng deduction si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez at para ipabalik yuong mouthpiece sa bibig ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez dahil bawal magluwa ng mouthpiece na sinasadya. Kung ginawa lang ito ni Ref. Bayless, maaaring nabago ang takbo ng round 6. Isa pa, may balita rin na maaaring nabali ang ilong ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez dahil hindi nga tumitigil ang dugo sa ilong niya. Wasak na wasak ang pagmumukha ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, puro dugo, dahil sa tama ng mga suntok ni Pacquiao sa pagmumukha niya. Paano ka naman nakakasiguro na kayang wasakin ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez ang mukha ni Pacquiao samantalang ang pagmumukha nga ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez ang winasak ni Manny? At mukhang ngayon lang nakaranas si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez na mawasak ang pagmumukha niya dahil sa mga suntok ng mga kamao ni Manny Pacquiao. At mukhang isa ito sa dahilan, kung bakit ayaw na niyang lumaban kay Manny. Baka kasi sa susunod na laban nila, tuluyan nang humiwalay ang ilong ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez sa pagmumukha niya. Kitang-kita ng buong mundo na wasak na wasak ang pagmumukha ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez.

      Ang isa pang sinabi mo na kabaligtaran sa katotohanan ay yuong napakalaki at sobrang takot si Manny kay Marquez. Nananaginip ka ba? Right after their 4th fight, sa post fight interview, sinabi agad ni Manny Pacquiao na gusto niyang lumaban uli kay Marquez sa ikalimang pagkakataon. Si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, sinabi ba niya na gusto niyang lumaban uli kay Manny? Sino ngayon ang takot sa kanilang dalawa. Ang linaw naman na ang nanginginig ang tuhod sa takot ay si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez. Si Pacquiao ang natalo pero siya ang nagdeklara na gusto niya ng 5th fight kay Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez.

      Kung hindi takot si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez kay Pacquiao bakit hindi siya makapag-decide agad kung itutuloy pa niya ang pag-boboksing o magreretire na lang siya? Itatanong muna raw ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez sa asawa niya kung magpapatuloy pa ba siya o mareretiro na lang. Hihingi muna raw si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez ng permiso sa asawa niya kung papayagan siyang lumaban uli kay Manny Pacquiao. See?

      At kung hindi takot si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez kay Manny, bakit sinabi niya na there’s no reason and no point for a 5th fight with Pacquiao? Sabi pa niya he’s not interested to face Pacquiao again. Sino ngayon sa dalawa ang napakalaki at sobra ang takot? Mula sa salita, sa sinabi at sa bibig mismo ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez nanggaling na ayaw na niyang lumaban kay Manny Pacquiao. Napakalinaw na napakalaki at sobra ang takot ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez kay Manny Pacquiao at mukhang nanginginig pa ang tuhod ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez kapag pinag-uusapan na ang muling paghaharap nila ni Manny Pacquiao sa ikalimang pagkakataon. Kung hindi nanginginig ang tuhod ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez sa laki at sobrang takot niya kay Manny Pacquiao, bakit hindi na siya interesado at ayaw na niya ng 5th fight kay Manny? Narito yuong eksaktong sinabi ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, mga salitang nagpapatunay na nabahag na ang buntot niya kay Manny Pacquiao dahil naranasan na niya kung paano wasakin ni Manny Pacquiao ang pagmumukha niya:

      □ “I think for me there is no point [in a fifth fight]. We already achieved the desired result. Then why do it?…” — Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez

      Source: Boxing Scene website
      Title: Marquez: I See No Point In Fighting Manny Pacquiao Again
      Written by: Miguel Rivera | February 3, 2013

      □ “Regarding with the fifth fight with Pacquiao, I am not interested in doing it. There is no point. …. I don’t believe that the fans are interested in seeing another rematch between us.” — Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez

      Source: Boxing Scene website
      Title: Marquez Is Firm: I’m Not Interested, I Don’t Owe Pacquiao
      Written by: Rene Umanzor | February 5, 2013

      Natatakot na si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez na sa susunod na laban nila, tuluyan nang humiwalay ang ilong niya sa pagmumukha niya.

      Ito pa ang isang ikinatatakot ni Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, na sa susunod na maglalaban sila ni Manny Pacquiao, isasama na sa contract ang strict drug testing, lalo na kung ang 24/7/365 days random blood and urine drug testing ng VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) ang gagamitin nila. At kung totoong gumagamit ng Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) si Juan Manuel “PEDinamita” Marquez, tiyak na tiyak, ngayon pa lang, takot na takot na siya, kasi malaki ang tsansa na mahuhuli at mabibisto siya na nandaya sa laban nila ni Manny Pacquiao sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

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