Pacquiao ‘not chasing Marquez’

Floyd Jr an option, says Gacal


Rep. Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao will not chase after Juan Manuel Marquez if the Mexican chooses to run away from a fifth fight.

“If (we cannot get a fight with) Marquez, then we’ll look for a better opponent,” lawyer Franklin Gacal, Pacquiao’s legal adviser, told the Inquirer yesterday.

Gacal was reacting to reports that Marquez, who sneaked in a right straight that knocked out Pacquiao cold in the sixth round last Dec. 8, doesn’t want another showdown with his two-time tormentor.

If Marquez doesn’t change his mind soon, Gacal said Team Pacquiao will consider other capable opponents, especially Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“We’re willing to sit down with the camp of Mayweather (if he’s interested),” said Gacal, who added that Marquez’s refusal to fight Pacquiao again could only mean that the Mexican is “scared” of the possible “conditions” the Filipino camp might include in the fight contract.

Gacal said that, for one, they will require random drug testing before and after the fifth bout that could rival Pacquiao-Mayweather in magnitude and drawing power.

The lawyer also said they do not care if Marquez, in saying there’s no point doing a fifth fight, is sending a message that he should be on top of the negotiations.

Pacquiao, Gacal insists, is the main draw and therefore should dictate the terms.

In Pacquiao-Marquez 4, held at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the Mexican was guaranteed $6 million against Pacquiao’s $23 million.

While his devastating win over Pacquiao may have boosted Marquez’s paycheck, he would be lucky to get a 60-40 deal with the eight-division world champion, whose chances of squeezing through a fight in April get slimmer by the day.

“Well, he (Pacquiao) can live with that,” said Gacal. “If ever there’s no April fight, then we’ll wait for September.”

He remains hopeful, though, that Marquez would be Pacquiao’s next fight.

  • Dimas Escalante

    Thats right pacman …youre the boss DO AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT ! marquez no he doesnt Want another 6 round beating and is scared of random testing WHAT HAPPEN TO THE MEXICAN WARRIOR SPIRIT ???

  • w4d

    LOL…if there is a fifth fight, Marquez will not be able to drink his pee because he has to submit it to testing.

  • WAJ

    That’s an smart move by Marquez and I don’t blame him. He got what he want and he is keeping it for good. That’s is an honor to keep and people will remember it in the history of boxing…

  • Clincy Debue

    The fight will never happen. Floyds fear of Pacquiao hasn’t changed and never will. Floyd has the skill to beat him just not the heart. Thats why he will be remembered for the fights he ducked instead of the ones he fought. Pacqiuo/Margarito/Kotza Tzyu and in their prime Cotto/Del a Hoya/Mosley. He has another PPV pillow fight coming up by the way. Mayweather vs. Gueraro another tough fight right Floyd. You know how to stay undefeated thats for sure.

  • Elnore

    Pahinga na dapat si Pacquiao.  Nothing more to prove, unless mapadali ang Parkinson’s disease nya.

  • joerizal

    Paano niya hahabulin si Marquez kung natutulog siya sa sahig?

  • mangpepe


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    magretire na—kung anu ano ang ginagawa sa buhay…magulo…….Pakyaw di ba Bible din ang ngsabi na mahirap mamangka sa 2 ilog……….? just choose one…boxing? politics? or showbiz?

  • Bengatibo

    A few more years and Mayweather Jr. will retire. Why will he risk fighting Pacquiao. Not unless it’s big money.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    It is only “Show-Time”…, or “That’s Entertainment”…, or “It’s Only a Game”…!

    Kung ayaw ni Juan M. Marquez nang “Pacquiao vs Marquez – 5″…, eh Huwag.After all, it is Manny Pacquiao who is the Box-Office-Draw.

    Marquez just couldn’t get a better deal against anyone else.., other than Pacquiao.

  • http://twitter.com/cliclinx Clic Linx

    Marquez got 6 Million plus PPV money in his last fight. Manny got 25 Million plus PPV money in there last fight. 

    Now the tables have turn. Marquez has earned 25 Million plus PPV money. Pacquiao can make the 6 Million if he wants to fight him so badly plus PPV money. 

    Marquez now holds all the cards. He also has the fan base to search for other opponents. 

    Marquez has so many options. He can retire and go out on top. He is already a Mexican legend. He won the 3rd fight but was robbed and Pacquiao got booed out of the Stadium. Last to fights have been Pro Marquez crowds so his fan base has continued to grow. Many people say that Marquez actually won all 4 fights and was robbed in the previous 3 by the judges. I have to agree with them.

    If this was Marquez’s last fight then he is going out on top. He can make tons of money just by speaking engagements and corporate events on not giving up and believing in yourself. Even when you train hard and you get robbed or cheated you must continue to believe in yourself and get back up. He can write another book if he wanted about his life story.

    Hell there should be the Juan Manuel Marquez Movie. This guy is a living legend in Mexico and North America and Latin America. He really has nothing more to prove. Pacquiao will have to give in to his demands not the other way around if he wants the fight. 36 rounds of fighting and nothing had been settled till round 42.

    In fact Juan Manuel Marquez should titled his book Round 42. He should talk about how he almost retired after the 3rd fight and how the previous fights he did not get the credit or fair shake he deserved.

    • wawa2172

      Manny should retire na. Kulang yung  $6M na prize money sa entourage pa lang niya…he he  he.

    • NY_Pinoy

      I agree with this.  In the Marquez world, his fans believe that he won all three previous fights.  The fourth fight (KO) was proof to them that he indeed won the three prior ones. To the Marquez fan, a fifth fight is redundant, unnecessary, and shows Pacquiao’s desperation.  The only ones who want a fifth fight are the Pacquiao groupies. 

      There is no logical reason why Marquez should accept this fight. The fourth fight was a right ending of a stellar career. It is Pacquio who needs to sweeten Marquez’s pot if he wants to fight — and he (Pacquiao) certainly needs this fight so desperately in order to salvage his reputation.

      Kaya wag ka nang magtataray Pacquiao kasi ikaw ang nangingilangan ng away na ito.

      • sanjuan683

         hehehehehe Tumpak ka diyan kung lalaban si Marquez sa ibang boxer walang manonood dahil wala siya hatak di tulad ni Pacquiao. hehehehehe Sigurado lugi ang promoter. Hina mo sa business. Sige sa iyo na si Marquez na umiinom ng ihi ang panghi ng hininga. hehehehehe

        • NY_Pinoy

          Hindi ito kontes ng asaran. Syempre, mas popular si Pacquiao. Kahit nga mag-sermon siya maraming naniniwala. Pero kung ang pag-usapan natin ay kung akma na lalaban si Marquez ng pang-limang away, ang maliwanag na sagot ay “hindi na kailangan”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUDXSLGDJSVES3MAZKXXMXJXXM Ratzkey

    If I were Marquez I’ll fight Pacquiao and just play like the counterpuncher like he always did and avoid getting KOed. It has worked for him so many times while he will also get the bigger share. But the problem is that Pacquiao will only go as far as 60-40 if he’s in the mood so there isn’t really much for Marquez to get from the fifth fight. That’s because he did not dominate Pacquiao in the 4th fight, he actually got pretty messed up until he sneaked in a lucky one. Aside from the suspicion that he was on PED’s makes him less of a draw for a bigger share.

  • ikulong

    laos na si pakyaw

    • sanjuan683

       hehehehehe lahat ng tao sa mundo nalalaos ano akala mo sa sarili mo matibay? Kung laos na si Pacquaio puede ho ba pasuntok ka sa panga para malaman mo sa sarili mo kung laos na siya. Yan ang paraan para mapatotohanan mo ang sinabi mo. hehehehehe Pag nangyari yan maghihiram ka ng mukha sa baboy. hehehehehehe

  • NY_Pinoy

    Hhahahaha!  Now we know that Pacquiao’s handlers read the social media, including Disqus.  Pacquio was walloped here in an earlier article about Marquez’ refusal to fight.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUDXSLGDJSVES3MAZKXXMXJXXM Ratzkey

    I think Pacquiao will not go very far down to beg Marquez to fight him. If Marquez do not really want to fight, I think he can actually live with the loss, humble himself and move on also knowing the fact that he has done more than enough being champion in 8 weight divisions from a barefooted boy selling cigarettes in Gensan. Marquez do not actually control the cards because he is the lesser boxer than Pacquiao in terms of earnings and that alone nobody can take away from him. If Marquez wants a taste of top dollars, Pacquiao is his only choice but will not be as much as he thinks. Pacquiao should now forget Marquez and consider a fight with Mayweather because that’s the fight that has not been seen yet. Even if it means lesser money. A win against Mayweather will totally erase Marquez out of the picture. Or a loss is still money in the pocket and may just be another easy hurdle to get over with.

  • nes911

    Bola. Halatang halata na gustong makaganti ng kampo ni pacquiao. But marquez will not bite dahil siya ang may hawak ng record na nagpatulog sa pinoy champ. He won’t fight kung di nya makukuha ang right price.

    • sanjuan683

       hehehehe ok lang kung ayaw niya isang pa lang tatlo panalo naman si Pacquiao versus Marquez isang panalo. Pinag-uusapan dito yun panalo at talo kay knockout o hindi. Champion pa rin si Pacquiao sa dami ng panalo niya versus  Marquez na umiinom ng kanyang ihi kaya mapanghi ang hininga ng bata mo. hehehehehehehehehe

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1612484259 Nicdap Rivera

        manalo matalo talo pa din marquez.. sa pera!!! hahahaha!!! ang layo!! 26million plus kita pay per view.. 6million lang marquez!!! wahh!!! talo ka pa rin marquez!!!!

  • eagleclaw101

    Yeah! Marquez was absolutely right in saying there’s no
    point of staging a 5th fight since Marquez win was simply a stroke
    of good luck and He (Marquez) is not sure if he can duplicate the same feat over

  • garcesm75

     what is there that we havent seen……
    a 3rd fight should have been enough

    now they have  proven so much already.
    that the mexican pharmacy is much better
    and that the champ havent seen that infamous punch coming on his way
    ever since, both fighter have already shown the best and worst of themselves.

    this time, it’s more of healing their bruised ego.
    and flaunting the coveted victory

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Angara/100000326436746 Dennis Angara

    that’s right, why Pacquiao chasing Marquez? and Nes911, it seems that you are not a fans of Pacquiao.

  • ethan ralph siapuetco

    win or loss in 5th to marquez will just bring ” Joke ” to pacman camp.

    3 words Champ !


    Boom ! Thats It…

                      ( I Guarantee You Champ’ PPV is Still Blockbuster Kahit Sino Dyan Sa Tatlo )



                       - Wag Ka Lang Matutulog Ulit –  0(‘-’)0

  • joemar flores

    mga pac haters jan… dumi sa katawan lng kayo ni pacquiao.. hahaha…

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Gacal said that, for one, they will require random drug testing before
    and after the fifth bout that could rival Pacquiao-Mayweather in
    magnitude and drawing power. 

    They’re beginning to sound like mayweather clause……


    Marquez is a coward. He is running away from our hero – Manny Pacquiao.

    However, Dr. Rustico Jimenez of the PMA and Philippine Hospital Association of the Philippines, a popular neurlogist, diagnosed Manny to have early signs of Parkinson’s Disease.

    I do not not know if this is true or not but Dr. Jimenez, a professional doctor of the Philippine Medical Association will not destroy his name to an observation if he does not think that Manny really has early signs of Parkinson’s Disease. If indeed Dr. Jimenez is correct, then that is bad news to all of us, Manny should not fight anymore.

    The news given by Dr. Rustico Jimenez about Manny’s early signs of Parkinson is already worldwide. You can goggle it and search youtube about it.

    I am really hoping that Dr. Jimenez is not correct in his diagnosis. Kawawa naman si Manny pag tama si Jimenez. Pag nagkataon, magiging kagaya nya si Freddie Roach. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • daniboy2012

      Manny Pacquiao is not our hero…he’s just a plain popular filipino boxer that got  lucky break in Las Vegas. Pinoys come to your senses  jut learn from Manny’s triump and failures..


        Manny is a modern hero for his contribution to the Philippines in the field of boxing. He is a Filipino boxing hero. 

        You might have this impression that a hero must be a war hero just like Bonifacio and Aguinaldo. Manny is a boxing hero.But I do agree with you that Filipinos should learn from Manny’s triump and failures. Good morning to you.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q44WFP7HTON4ZBYFABS6FEPEBI diemhang

      maging kagaya si roach at malala pa


        Yes. The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease given by Dr. Rustico Jimenez is a serious one. If the doctor is correct, Manny should follow the advice.

        But if the doctor is just trying to get popular by riding on the popularity of Manny and at the expense of Manny, then Manny should sue this doctor in court and file an unethical case against this doctor with the Philippine Medical Association and Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines.

        Doing nothing is already an admission that the doctor is correct in his diagnosis.

      • joshua kings

        oo, magiging gaya niya si roach at muhamad ali kapag di pa siya nag-retire sa boksing…baka wala pa siyang 50, umuugoy na ang ulo niya….at baka iwanan pa siya ni pretty jinkee pag nagkataon….
        masyadong naging palalo at matakaw sa pera yang idol mo; kung nag-retire na siya, disin sana na-preserve niya yung record niya…….eh ngayon, kumbaga, may lamat na yun…may malaking mantsa na mahirap burahin sa isip ng mga fans…
        kasi nagpa-uto sa mga pastor na yun eh…na wala namang puntirya kundi yung kita at kikitain niya…
        mga linta….


          bakit, ikaw ba pinakinggan niya na mag-retiro na? di ba pati nanay niya, di niya pinakinggan sa hiling na wag ng lumaban? 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

      Laos na talaga si Boy Tulog…


        Wag naman ganon. Kapwa Filipino si Manny. Hindi naman siya natulog, nag planking lang. 

        Nagbigay naman siya ng karangalan sa bansa.

        • joshua kings

          bakit, ikaw ba pinakinggan niya na mag-retiro na? di ba pati nanay niya, di niya pinakinggan sa hiling na wag ng lumaban? 

        • http://www.facebook.com/danilo.navarro.946 Danilo Navarro

          porki pinupuna si plakda ehh hinde na pilipino..come on wake up little girl madami ng naiinis sa idol mo dahil sobra ambisyuso


            Kuya naman, kaysa e idolo ko si marquez, yan kababayan ko na lang, pwede bah yon?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

    Naisahan si Pacman. Yun lang naman ang hanap ni Marquez. Ang makatsamba. At dapat noong congressman na si Pacman ay nag retire na siya sa boksing. Di sana mas maganda ang pagtulog niya at hindi parating binabangungot dahil sa isang suntok lang.

    • NY_Pinoy

       Pacquiao fanatics claim that that was a lucky punch.  That is not true.  All strategists, including the Pacquiao team, concede that that was the risk that Pacquiao faced when he made the strategic decision to be aggressive.  Marquez was really waiting for him with that counter-punch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001208838125 Romar Gonzales

    Marquez will not fight Pacquiao again. Marquez knows that if he didn’t land that punch that sent Pacquiao to the canvass, he will be badly beaten by Manny since he was already suffered a broken nose and bloody face. Marquez want to close the book that he KOed Manny out in their 4th fight…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

    Malaki na ang takot ni Manny “Boy Tulog  “Pakyaw kay Dinamita alam nyang wawasakin na ni Marquez ang mukha nya kapag nagkaharap uli sila..Naiiyak nga raw sa takot si Boy Tulog marinig lang ang pangalan ni  Dinamita….Osla na kase talaga…

    • http://www.facebook.com/kimz0ne Eilliex B Alvszx

      Ikaw na yata ang pinaka bobo sa lahata ng tao. Di ka ba marunong mag basa ugok. Taga san bundok ka nakatira? mas mabuti pa wag ka ng mag comment. Di mo alam ang sinasabi mo moron. Mas mabuti pa umuwi ka sa kwebang pinanggalingan mo.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QAIR53YIPJLMPSQJZTOJIGBVI Jaz

         Malaki raw ang takot? bobo nga talaga he he he!

      • http://www.facebook.com/irish.mendoza.754 Irish Mendoza

        Haha.haha…beeh buti nga!.

      • joshua kings

        walang pikunan, kabayan;   sa isyu mag-away….iwasan name-calling; halatang napikon ka, ha?  dahil ba totoo yung sinulat ni marshall….?
        karapatan ni marquez, unicong boksingero na nagpatulog ng mahimbing kay pakyaw, hehehe, na umayaw; ano pa nga naman ang dapat patunayan? 
        buti nga hindi gahaman si marquez sa perang kikitain; di gaya ng iba dyan, na walang inisip kundi magkaml ng limpak-limpak na salapi, sa kabila ng hiling ng inay na mag-retiro na….

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/MESKVVF473U4YSVN343XOT2XLE kram

          Hindi ko na idol si pakyaw. Suwail na syang anak….Iyan ang wala sa relihiyon na pinasok nya ang family values….Ang pinasok nya bago na…Fabrika ng PLASTIK at MANGAGAMIT. Hindi na sya yung iniidolo ng marami na boksingero na may dignidad. Sa kanya ngayon…pera pera na lang……Sa luho ng pamumuhay ni pakyaw….ilang taon lang ubos na yung pera pera nya na yan…..that time maaalala nya yung mga dating siya….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DVYL3WICMGJ5P4BLYSGASCP5BY JUN A

      Baligtad yata utak mo…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1235741637 Bhoboy Eugenio

       ogag ka pla Marshall e..pinoy ka ngang naturingan baliktad naman UTAK mo..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001208838125 Romar Gonzales

    THELITTLEGIRL, Dr Jeminez of the PMA      N  E  V  E  R    diganosed Manny…. where did you get your WRONG info? Dr Jimenez already destroyed his reputation…


      Romar, sana wag tayo tatamad tamad sa research ano ho. Search goggle or youtube or abscbn website – nagkalat na ang diagnosis ni Dr. Jimenez. Search “RUSTICO JIMENEZ” at lilitaw na ang mga news article.

      • Simple_Boy

        Little Girl mali pag kakaintindi mo sa news about it. Dr. Jimenez NEVER treated Pacman. Obserbasyon nya lng to from AFAR (sa malayo daw, sa TV lng daw). Opinion nya lng yun..hindi nya na meet si Pacman personally. sana ngayon maintindihan mo na.


          Ang doctor pala ngayon, ang galing galing na, pwede na pala mag diagnose ng parkinson based on observation from afar, kahit walang lab o test na ginawa. Naku po, this is grossly UNETHICAL for a doctor to do it.

      • Simple_Boy

        “There are some movements that you will notice with his hands. It’s in the hands, and not the head, where you can easily see this. It twitches a little bit. Although I haven’t seen it up close, I think I am seeing that there are some signs.”
        Jimenez later clarified that he had never treated Pacquiao, so his opinion was only a view from afar. Nevertheless, he still offered his best advice, which is to give up boxing for the good of his long-term health.


          ok. Then the doctor pala is the one UNETHICAL. eh, hindi pala nya pasyente si Manny at nag diagnosed na siya ng Parkinson. Gusto ba ng doctor na magpasikat at sumakay sa kasikatan ni Manny?

          • Benjie Cantuba

             yun na yun

  • aristeo marvin addatu

    wag na tayo mga insist ke marquez

  • aristeo marvin addatu

    bayaan mo na siya kung ayaw…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001641451819 Wilfredo Andaluz

      Huwag ng pilitin si Marquez kung naduduwag siya sa 5 laban . Hayaan na lang siya na ipagmalaki niya ang tsamba niyang panalo kay Pac

  • kimo211

    kung  ayaw  niya   ay  karapatan   ni  marquez  iyon,,,,ang   hinihintay  naman  nang  mga  tao   ay    mayweather  vs  pacquiao….thay’s  it….and  no  more.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QDU7CFSPTUP4HXIK7SNJGQZAG4 Fe

    What? running from a fight hello? Pacquiao was knockout cold ! good decision by Marquez no one will watch a rematch with that kind of knockout , rematch are done usually if the result is unanimous by decision or a questionable win by the winner that fans would clamor for a rematch !

    • gshieldsjr

      A real champion could come back from such a knockout.  It’s a great fight, who wouldn’t want to see it again?  Marquez can make the most money for fighting Pac again, that raises the question, why wouldn’t he do it?   Marquez isn’t running from the fight, it’s clear he’s running from more stringent testing.  Unless of course he’s trying to broker himself into a better deal.  However he better be careful, b/c the Pac team will simply move on if Marquez gets too greedy (Bradley).  Besides all of that Marquez better hope there is not another thief in his camp, blackmail.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

        both fighters are greedy, but i guess pacquiao has the edge of being more greedy. it just so happen that pacquiao is a Filipino, but of course, the main reason, the ultimate reason why he was and will be on top of the ring is all because of money. who would have have allowed himself to be punched in the head and other parts of the body at the possibility of dying just to show off your nationality? it’s all about MONEY and ego.

    • Benjie Cantuba

      lenox lewis get a rematch after he knock out cold by rahman,
      morales and barrera both get a rematch too after he got tko by pacman,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DVYL3WICMGJ5P4BLYSGASCP5BY JUN A

    Well said… PAC is still the draw even after that KO loss to Marq.

  • cowboys2

    Mayweather!!! Doon pa kaya ikaw manalo…..don’t even think about it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AIPSCQM2TZQUMQ5GEIMWMWDFL4 Edward Solilap

    Pacquiao you better retire now if you have concern to your health.

  • 11koji11

     i cannot understand why a man who brought recognition to the country is hated….by fellow pinoys pa…okay sana kung boxing point of view kaso puno ng suklam at pang insulto….only in the land of crabs and inggiteros….and btw…..no one will watch a jmm fight unless manny is his opponent….at the end of the day….jmm would rather fight manny , killed in the process but becomes very rich…then fight a rios, get killed and gets a little….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

      i do not hate pacquiao. he deserves the recognition and the wealth,because that’s the product of being beaten, hard punch and anxiety from his family members. but to idolize him, i can’t. that’s the profession he chose, suntok sa mukha, ulo, katawan = money for himself first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimz0ne Eilliex B Alvszx

    Fanatic fans ako ni Pacquiao. Pakiramdam ko ako na yata ang number 1 fans at diehard fans nya. dahil sa simulat sapul pa lng, sinubaybayan ko na ang laban nya mula naging champion sya sa laban nila ni Lebwaba at hindi lng sa pagiging boksingero nya ako humananga kundi ang pagkatao nya dahil mabait sya at may puso sya, maraming syang natutulungan. Oo… totoo un… sa opinion ko hindi chamba pero sya naman ang nag domina sa laban, sya pa rin ang agresibo, sya pa rin ang lamang sa scorecard. Na over confidence lng si Paquiao kaya na wala na ung ingat nya. kaya naka kita ng butas si Marquez. para sa akin medyo minalas lng sya pero alam ko na maka bawi pa rin sya. Pero ganun pa man, swertehin o malasin, manalo o matalo patoluy pa rin akong hahanga sa kanya. Paquiao pa rin. forever na yan. 

    P. S. Sagot pala to para kay NY_PINOY

    • Benjie Cantuba

      nice comment:)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

      very said nawala pag hanga ko sa kanya ng unat na unat siya kulang nalang banig at unan

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OLHP7TKAHADXWOJWBBPLTLLKNA Vincent

    Why should the urine-drinking “Hulk” fight Pacquiao again if he could cherry pick inferior opponents and be victorious against them even without juicing-up and get paid more millions? 
    And he knows that if he commits himself to a fifth bout with Pacquiao, he’ll never be able to do another “HEREDIA” because Pacquiao’s camp will see to it that he won’t be able to cheat again without being caught. And if Peewee can’t juice-up, he knows that he’ll never win against Manny. So there goes the fifth fight, and the cheater grins forever like a hyena that gorged on a stinking carcass.

  • Twister12

    Of course he won’t chase him otherwise he’ll be knocked out again.And now they want to pursuit Mayweather? Lol!!

  • Nick_Fury

    Takot na si Marquez para sa ika limang laban nila ni Pacquiao kasi nahuli na yung sekreto nya sa paglaki ng katawan at dagdag na power ng suntok nya. Hindi na siya lalaban kay Manny ng hindi naka PEDS dahil hindi nya mapapatumba si Manny kung wala ang PEDS at si Angel “Memo” Hernandez Heredia. Dati ihi nya yung energy drink nya ngayon yung drink nya galing sa Mexican pharmacy ni Heredia alias Angel Hernandez. Itanong nyo kay Erik Morales.

  • darsmith

    Psychological warfare now being employed by both sides.  MP and JMM knows that they need the fight to be made mainly for money.   

  • Nick_Fury

    Idol ng mga ibang Pilipino (haters/inggiteros/talangka/crab/alimango/kuto) ay Mexicano at mandaraya/mandarambong pa. Mas gusto nila sa isang dayuhan na boksingero (na cheater/juicer/roid user/ped user) kaysa sa kapwa Pilipino. Tsk tsk tsk. Viva Mexico?

    • Benjie Cantuba

       kakalungkot nga eh, okay lang na talo kaso nakakainis yung ibang pinoy

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZDWTS4M24ZGCPQM3C6NVDBUDQ RichardT

    I don’t think Pacquiao should chase after Marquez. At the end of the day, it’s just a fight. You loose some & you win some. It’s just another job. If Manny is truly a christian, It does not matter anymore. He can just move on to his next fight with or without Marquez. Thou Bradley dont have enough followers. Pay him around another $5M then knocked him out cold. Slowly Manny can still gain back his Pound for Pound statue. The important thing is Manny should try to knock his succeeding opponents. There is Bradley then Rios. If people see the OLD Manny, they will call for that fight to happen again. Or better just move on whoever is next. It’s just a fight.. Legacy or no legacy, Manny is the PEOPLE’s CHAMP.

    • joshua kings

      bradley? sigurado ako lalangawin yan…
      dahil kung may pera dyan, matagal na sanang ginawa yan ni bob aroom……
      ang baho pa ng bradley…nabuko sila sa ‘game-fixing ng mga judges? LOL!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3N5XLYLOGO3MRZ4ZFJS7KTPDFM King

       Well said.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PF6XNSB4T2M2Y3VXFEW3C5AEF4 Reynan Loli

    Talo na nga si Pacquiao, tama na  at tanggapin na lang nya pagkaka brutal KNOCK-OUT.
    Puro kase Pulitika at Showbiz at Pagpapastor ang inaatupag. Baka sa susunod eh hindi na sya magising sa 5th fight. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

      dapat mag pastor nalang si pacquio tulad ni mike velarde ng elshadai

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PRGG3QMWR5NU3YHJVF6ENDKRU4 Herman

    Marquez cold knock down of Pacquiao should have been the best candidate for Fighter of the year 2012. The award instead went to the the new fighter Donaire. American sports analyst  have doubts of Marquez new strength and finesse body and the history of his conditioning Balco-snitch coach Angel Heredia. Time will tell Marquez as PED user.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AVRSWQTCWADVWA62MXAGV6MB6Y Chris


  • ikulong


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

    Offer Mayweather a winner- takes-all fight :)

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    No matter What!! at the end of the day, only Bob Arum and other promoters are reaping the fruits of these gladiators efforts. IT is not SPORTS anymore but COMMERCIALISM!!!…These Athletes are not fighting for prestige and honor anymore but for the prize money. And we can start with opponent selecting/game fixing Floyd Gayweather…Boycott pay-per-view fights!! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/katipunan Andres Bonifacio

      HEeelllloo…this is PROFESSIONAL BOXING…of course they playing for money…not for honor or country…kayo lang naniniwala kay PACMAN that he is fighting for the Philippines daw! LOL!

      • Benjie Cantuba

         supremo bakit ganyan ka magsalita sa kababayan mo?

        • http://www.facebook.com/katipunan Andres Bonifacio

          Pare…masakit pero totoo…ganoon talaga…yan ang kulang sa atin…KATOTOTOHANAN! Kaya tayo hindi TUNAY na umaasenso!

      • http://www.facebook.com/chris.pnono Chris P Pnono

        220 lng naman si Boni…pera pera…lng.kng mas mababa ang kay pacman papayag ba?? gusto nya kinang ng salapi.hindi kinang ng    bansa.hehehehe

  • jesussaints

    G R E E D Y

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004064170496 Karlo Ponte

    Walang kwenta ang maga mentalidad nang ibang nagkukument dito. Nong kabtaan at palaging win c pacman penipraise ninyo, ngayon natalo xa kinukundina no na. Para sa akin c pacmn ang d best, nakilala ang pinas pinoy boxing dahil xa kanya. Kayo kaya mag boxing diyan.

    • joshua kings

      bago pa yang idol mo, nakilala na sa buong mundo ang galing ng pilipino sa larangang ito sa pamamagitan nina pancho villa, flash elorde, navarette, espinosa, penalosa, at ngayon sina donaire, viloria….
      masyado ka nang bulag sa idol worship mo….

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PXFIYN2IIVZWKOVRKUZRVKAEDI Daemon

        “A hater will always be a hater”. Paano ka naging hater ni Pacquiao, pre? Nagseselos ka ba sa mga ginagawa niya outside boxing? Parang apektado ka sa mga ginagawa ng tao a. Matanong ko lang din. Bakit hindi mo sinali si pacquiao sa mga magagaling na boxer natin? Bulag ka ba? *Tang inang pag-iisip yan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/danilo.navarro.946 Danilo Navarro

      hinde naman madami ang nag sasabi hag na siyang lumaban uli baka maka tulog na naman tutal madami pa naman siyan gusto politiko artista singer emcee pator don na lang siya mag fucos madami na kasing naasar sa kanya di gaya noon naka fucos pa lang siya sa boxing

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3N5XLYLOGO3MRZ4ZFJS7KTPDFM King

       You all said it bro. Paquiao is already way up above in the history of boxing.


    commercialized boxing arena racketing filipino around the globe for tv shows subscription of 25 USD min x 3million plus just an estimate=75 million +-..raising funds for pakyaw..

  • 100% freedom of navigation

    Manny’s name is already in the list of the greatest boxers of all time like Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran, Julio Caesar Chavez, Smokin Joe,The Real Deal to mention a few of them. Ewan ko lang kung may pag asang mapasama ang pangalan ni Marquez. Katunayan na lang bukod sa husay ni Manny dinudumog lagi ang laban niya, laging box office hit. Si JMM ba kaya niya kayang humatak ng malaking crowd?

    • magiting78

      Cno-Cno to????hmmmm just kidding…tama but time has come those people and even Pacman will be one of the forgotten hero…in sports like boxing you will be known if you made a lot of wins but if you lost you will be easy to forget….but doing good things to others even you are 6ft under you will be cherish and remembered forever,…My unsolicited advice to Pacman do good things to your countrymen share your blessing unto them, they are the one who prayed for your win everytime you had a fight…it is right and just to return the favor…

      • joshua kings

        you may be right kabayan, in saying that it is them pinoys who prayed for pakyaw;
        IBIG BANG SABIHIN, di dining ang mga dasal nila?

        • magiting78

          Those people are like leaches that sucks Manny’s blood…They are like wolves gaurding the sheep’s but when the owner left they will attack the sheep’s. These people will stay on Pacman side while Manny famous and has lots of money but ylu will see their true colors in odds time.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3N5XLYLOGO3MRZ4ZFJS7KTPDFM King

         He already shared much from the blessings he got. We are not in the position to ask for more.

        • magiting78

          Not money in particular of sharing of blessing…he can share his talent as boxer to those who aspire to be a world chmapion, he can dedecate his energy and money to promote boxing or and sports to young people. There are lot of ways to serve the people. Yes you are right we are not the position to ask for more only Pacman can decide but sometimes devine intervention happened in different ways, may be his lost to JMM is a wake-up call.

    • pinoy_astig

      Well tama ka pero kung saan man nakasulat yung pangalan ni PACQUIAO kasama na rin dyan  palagi ang pangalan ni MARQUEZ  at di na rin mabubura yan kahit anong records pa ang gagawin ni MANNY.

      • Guest

        Boxing fans and scribes do remember Buster Douglas for the spectacular knock out he was known for on Mike Tyson but it doesn’t erase Tyson’s name in the elite list of the greatest fighters of all time. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/danilo.navarro.946 Danilo Navarro

      alam mo ba na bumili si plakda este si pakyaw ng worth one milion na ticket pinamigay sa fans niya he he he

  • sam_aquino

    pacman my not have the “intelligence” of some of the “bashers” here, but let us count some of his accomplishments:

    8th time world champion…
    earned $23M for JMM fight alone…
    brought tremendous pride to all filipinos worldwide…

    those are just 3 of the FACTS & if i continued, i may run out of space…

    now, if any of you “bashers” has done ANY of the above, for yourself or your country, be my guest… 

    otherwise, if you did not have anything good to say – SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MESKVVF473U4YSVN343XOT2XLE kram

      Magkano bayad mo? he he he

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2JLMMSZGFCPQBBYN4Z3UH2VZYA Louie anne Medina

      okie… i am ordinary Pinoy… just an OFW….

      I am not 8th time world champion, but i dont give embarrasment to my country by lossing to man of 39 years old.. a retiree.

      Pacman might have earned US 23Milllion,, but we OFW contributed around US 4 Billion
      a year.

      Brought tremendous pride ??? and embarrassment as well..

      No..  I dont think you can have a good list of pacman achievement… well yes.. he is good . but i dont really think he fight for the glory of Philippines, to my mind, it is just for money….   well.. that is my opinion. i may be wrong…

      • joshua kings

        no, you aare correct i your opinion: ‘it is just for the money.” not for the glory of filipinos….ginamit lang yun para dumami fans niya at maraming bumili nung plaka niyang ‘para sayu.”….at marami namang tang….ang pinoy ang naniwala…..

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3N5XLYLOGO3MRZ4ZFJS7KTPDFM King

         Its not maybe. Your wrong and terribly wrong. Put one single athlete in the Philippines who can be atleast 10% of what he had done. We revered Elorde and check who he is in all time greats. You people just seen a bad fight and end up bashing someone who had risen from the rags and carry our countries name to the pedestal of boxing.

        Pacquiao will be all-time greats hands-down.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3N5XLYLOGO3MRZ4ZFJS7KTPDFM King


        • Twister12

          And you are terribly wrong. Pacquiao did not fought for the country but for himself. It’s all about money. Remove the money & let’s ee if he’ll fight for the country. Common sense. 

    • joshua kings

      may konting dishonesty itong post na ito…..pero naiintindihan ko…pag sobra, idol worship, talaang blinded ang right side of your brain to make the sensible thoughts.
      masama lang loob ko dahil kulang ang litanya ng achievements ng idol mo.
      may nakalimutan ka:
      at puwede ba, keep to yourself na lang yang idol worship mo?
      hinid lahat ng pinoy bilib sa idol mong engot.
      ito tandaan mo: BALANG ARAW, (‘pag kumekeleng na ulo niya dahil sa parkinson’s, MA-E-EXPOSE DIN YANG IDOL MO, ng mga sikreto nila ni aroom, ni rots, ni areesa, ni conesz, ni gakal, ni boyeth.  itaga mo sa bato yan.

      • sam_aquino

        pacman did not make any excuses when he lost to jmm, in fact, he admitted it immediately & even made fun of it…

        masyado kang magaling, joshua kings, parang marami kang nagawa sa bayan o sa buhay mo…  ang alam ko, magaling ka lang mangutya…

        whatever happens to pacman, it’s his choice & none of your business, & by the way, i do NOT idolize him, i simply acknowledge his contribution to sports, in boxing in particular…

        what about you, joshua kings, what have you done to your country lately???

    • jolly_baby

       Did not bash pacman… we’re just saying that marquez won, and its over. He should find other fighters..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

    Kahit isang kamay lang gagamitin ni EL Dinamita pag nagkaharap sila ni Boy Tulog siguradong wawasakin nya ang pagmumukha nito..Osla na si Antukin baka kahit si Abe concepcion kaya syang ahitan sa pamamagitan ng suntok..WALA NA OSLA NA TALAGA…

    • darsmith

      Dalhin mo sa Indonesia at iharap mo muna kay Chris John, tyak manginginig tuhod ni Boy Ihi

  • Pitbulldog

    That’s right, Pacman, do not chase him.  Sooner, when his old glory has faded and his cash finally runs out at old age, he will be the one chasing you for one last fight.  You have already found your niche among the best, earned monetary rewards that few men could ever get.  And there is a happier, peaceful life outside the ring.  That chance is now, so take it.

  • Pitbulldog

    Binasag ni Norton panga ni Ali, plakda yan kay Holmes, pero nabawasan ba katanyagan niyan? Si Sugar Ray Robinson, ilang bese bang natalo yan, marami.  Pinalipad pa nga sa labas ng ring ni Jake La Motta yan, pero tinanghal pa ring greatest boxer of all time.  Kahit si Leonard.  Panahon lang ang makakapagsabi kung saan pedestal ng katanyagan iluluklok si Pacquaio. Ang alam ko,nasa mas mataas na pedestal pang lalo siya di tulad ng pangungutya nyo sa kanya sa pagkatalo niya nung nakaraan.  Kritiko rin ako ni Pacquaio dahil natalo siya, pero ang tinitira ko naman ay ang kapabayaan niya dahil alam ko, di naman dapat siya natalo sa laban.

    • joshua kings

      sabi mo “di naman dapat siya natalo sa laban” niya kay marquez….eh natulog nga, ano!  dahil sa lakas ng suntok na binitawan ni marquez sa kanya…….palstado pa nga na pabaligtad.
      masyado yatang nabubulagan ang pagiisip mo dahil sa idol worship mo kay pakyaw…
      heto pagisipan mo: ano ang tingin mo sa anak na binastos o dinisrespek ang ina? 
      nuon pa man, nkikiusap na at sabi ni aling dionisia, anak, mag-retiro ka na….
      kung ikaw ay mabuting anak, susuwayin mo ba ang iyong ina na siya lang ang tunay na nagmamahal sayo?  hindi mo ba siya pagbibigyan sa kanyang kahilingan na makabubuti naman sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya, lalo na sa iyong mga anak?

      • Pitbulldog

        Ikaw Joshua Spades, bat ganyan na lang galit mo sa tao.  Siguro malaki natalo mio sa pusta diyan ano?  Di ko iniidolo si Pacman, kung tinitra ko man yan, dahil lang sa kapabayaan nya na naging dahilan ng pagkatalo.  At totoo naman yon di ba?  Kung 100% prepared yan, tabla lang ang kaya ni Marquez dyan.

  • kilawon

     mangorakot kana lang katulad nina CHAVIT at ERAP ! lol………masyadong kang hypokrito packy,gagamitin mo pa ang dyos2 sa katangahan mo…..kinarma kana! ,wag mong gamitin ang pangalan ng dyos para sa makamundong mong ambisyon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danilo.navarro.946 Danilo Navarro

    karapatan ni marquez kung ayaw ka ng labanan plakda ehe pakyaw yun sinasabi ninyo naduduwag si jmm hag ganon kung ayaw ayaw di humanap ka ng ibang kalaban tapos pag napatulog mo saka mo hamunin mo uli..yung nga lang baka plakda ka uli

  • jolly_baby

    Nice try pacman :) But no matter what you do, you LOST… Marquez got the BETTER out of you. What would you do if you won? :P

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PXFIYN2IIVZWKOVRKUZRVKAEDI Daemon

    Ang haters kasi gusto tumigil na si Pacquiao sa pag-boboxing, kasi laos na daw siya, kasi marami siyang ginagawang distractions sa training, kasi ang yaman-yaman na niya, kasi kung ano ano na lang. *Tang ina niyo. Magsitrabaho nga kayo mga batugan. Selos lang yan. Kung ayaw niyo ng panoorin si Pacquiao e di wag. Anong paki-alam niyo sa kanya?

  • Arvin Sta. Cruz

    yes.. marquez defeat pacman last dec..
    but in history???or in the future… all of you.. what do you think???
    I think THE NAME PACQUIAO will be IDOL of other future boxer than marquez… 

    • pinoy_astig

      Dito siguro sa Pinas…pero sa Mexico kaya….

  • kuz_n_efek

    If Pacquiao has been reading the Bible I’m pretty
    sure he wouldn’t have missed out the popular story of the fall of Adam &
    Eve. The paradise had had given to them by God, but it was not enough, they
    wanted to be like God. So they were tempted by the Devil-snake to eat the
    forbidden fruit. Afterwards, they started pinpointing fingers of their own
    demise to others. Eve started blaming Adam for alluring her to eat the said mysterious
    fruit. On the other hand, the latter accused the snake for leading him to
    commit the most sinful act of defiance against the Creator. They couldn’t
    accept responsibility for their sinfulness.

    In the case of Pacquiao, he’s been entertained with
    the same temptation, i.e., greediness. He was tempted to acquire more of
    Wealth, Power & Fame. Pacquiao’s unprecedented record in boxing history has
    never been enough for him, he became so greedy that he couldn’t resist the
    temptation to fight more (he was already living in Paradise). 

    There’s always limitation for everything. We can
    have something, but we couldn’t have everything. Pacquiao, listen to your
    conscience, neither your greedy tendencies nor those people surrounding you who
    have vested interests. Your greediness will lead you to entertain revenge mentality
    & finally to your damnation. Mabuhay!  

    • yonoh

       di masama ang magpayaman basta alam mo kung saan mo dadalhin ang pera mo………..baket sina bill gates at iba pa mas mayaman pa di naman sila nakakarma……………….baket nagagalit ka kay manny ang sabihin mo dapat mag ingat sya kasi maydumi ang larong boksing baka yong kalaban nya ay gumagamit ng droga…………para lumakas…….

    • M A

      hmmm….don’t think Manny is greedy. I believe he sincerely love boxing and that’s just it. And ang laki na ng naitutulong nya sa Pinas, not in money, but dhil pinagmamalaki nya ang lahing pinoy

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Monteroso/100003596938988 Joseph Monteroso

    marquez should fight pacman for the fifth time and let him sleep again not in canvass maybe somewhere with a pillow and blanket…………….knockout of the century….. 

  • ethan ralph siapuetco

    Boxing Scene Needs Pacman Lalu Na Sa Pilipinas

    Life Is All about Purposed And That’s Pacman Purpose Right Now 

    He’s Cream Of The Cake ( But They Turn Him Into Multi Purpose Cream 0(‘-’)0

    That’s Why Nasingitan Sya Ng Tsamba Ni marquez !

    Even Donaire I Think He Will Much Better Fighter Than Pacman In The Future But Up To Now He’s Only Waiting For A Good Shot ( Something Big ).

    And Donaire Is 30 Yrs Of Age Right Now . ( Baka 80 Yrs Old Na Sya, Pacman Parin Ang Hinahanap Ng Tao Sa PPV At Las Vegas ) 0(‘-’)0

    Si Arum Ang Kulitin Nyo Mga Panyero ! …

    ( To me , Just Give Mayweather 1 Loss To His Record Then Retired, Thats It ! )

    Boom ! 0(‘-’)0

  • Tim Awa

    Akala ko ba last fight na yung sa December. Fight ulit kasi natalo? Parang bata na gustong bumawi. Masakit tamaan ng suntok pero boksingero akyat pa rin sa ring; for one and one reason only – money.

    Dapat retire na lang si Manny dahil marami na syang money. The excitement that is Manny is no more. Make way for Donaire naman.

  • Tim Awa

    2004 Draw

    2008 Pacquiao won but narrow, many believed Marquez won

    2011 Pacquiao won but fight was called “Robbery of the Year” for 2011

    2012 Marquez won, hailed as “Fight of the Year” for 2012

    From the above, Pacquiao did not really have a convincing win against Marquez at all.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAB42FXZYNCU3ODZNRCDRDTGAY MORE HUMAN

    Dr Angel Heredia ang may talentong magbigay ng karangalan sa lahat ng boksingero.. tingnan nyo si Marquez super lakas dahil kay Dr Angel Heredia… 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WJ2F6G7J2MA74J4KE7YZSQ5Z4Y Wendell

      “… I’ve created 20 different drugs that are still undetectable for the doping testers.”[1]  

      ─ Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia (Juan Manuel Marquez’ current strength and conditioning coach who changed his name to Angel Heredia.)

      Actually, Angel Hernandez/Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia describes himself as a chemist, scientist and nutritionist. He is also an admitted PED peddler/supplier of Olympic and world champion athletes, who testified in 2008 for the US government in the BALCO case to avoid prosecution and jail time and to save his own skin. He agreed to be a cooperating witness three years earlier when investigators confronted him with evidence of his drug trafficking and money laundering.[2]

      “…. The son of a chemist, Heredia spent years honing his own knowledge of chemistry, with his family’s company, Chopo Laboratory in Mexico City, Mexico, at his disposal. In 2008, following his involvement as a government witness in the BALCO scandal, Heredia granted an in-depth interview to Der Spiegel, a German weekly news magazine, which also happens to be one of Europe’s largest publications, giving explicit details on his involvement with and knowledge of performance enhancing drugs and how he got away with beating the testing system. …”[3]

      Angel Hernandez/Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia was and is the best known Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) designer in the world today.

      May I share this to you MORE HUMAN:
      Track superstar Marion Jones, who won five medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics (gold
      in 100 metre sprint, 200 metre sprint and 4×400 relay and bronze in long jump and 4×100 relay), was tested 160 times for banned substances and has never tested positive. Major League Baseball superstar Barry Bonds also passed all his 22 steroids tests and came out clean. Lance Armstrong, a 7x Tour de France champion, was tested approximately 600 times during his cycling career and has never been tested positive of any illegal drugs or performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). He also came out clean. Lance denied his PED use for so many years until he confessed in Oprah’s show recently that he used PEDs to win the Tour de France.  All of them, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, and Lance Armstrong, all superstar athletes, were able to beat drug testers, avoid detection and came out clean.

      Whether we like it or not, illegal drugs and the “designers” of illegal drugs are way ahead of the drug testers[1], that’s why athletes in PED always avoid detection. Look at Juan Manuel Marquez’ current strength and conditioning coach, Angel Hernandez/Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia, a scientist/chemist/nutritionist, and also an admitted PED peddler/supplier of elite athletes who was involved in the so-called BALCO scandal. He is the best known illegal drug designer in the world. Angel Hernandez/Heredia, a Mexican like Marquez, even boasted in an interview by Der Spiegel (a German weekly news magazine and one of Europe’s largest publications) that *he created 20 different drugs that are still undetectable for the doping testers*[1]. With that kind of statement coming directly from Angel Hernandez/Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia’s own mouth, you won’t be surprised why all his athletes has never been tested positive of illegal drugs, from Americans Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Dennis Mitchell and Justin Gatlin, all Olympic and world champion sprinters, to Jamaican Usain Bolt, today’s fastest man on earth, and now the 39-year-old Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, a natural lightweight who moved up to welterweight with his body transformed like a body builder (Jeff Powell of Daily Mail described Marquez’ transformed body like the Incredible Hulk’[4] and mini Arnold Schwarzenagger[5], Eric Raskin of ESPN on the other hand likened Marquez’ body to Ultimate Warrior[6] while Jay Caspian Kang of Grantland said “…Marquez looked like a Frankenstein’s monster made up entirely from the body parts of young Olympians.”[7]) and suddenly became a one-punch knockout artist, knocking out 8-division and 10x world champion Manny Pacquiao, who has never been knocked out in 13 years, whom Marquez never knocked down in their previous three fights, who previously knocked him down four times, and who reigned as welterweight champion of the world for two and a half years and Pound-for-Pound king for four years. Wow! Mind-boggling! Even the big boys of the welterweight/super welterweight/jr. middleweight division failed to do that to Pacquiao.

      Juan Manuel Marquez, a natural lightweight, who, after eight years and four fights looking
      desperately for a win over Pacquiao, finally and easily sent the 8-division world champion down the canvas twice (the second was for good, a massive knockout) in just six rounds, both by spectacular single punch, a feat never achieved by natural, younger and big welterweights who fought the PacMan. Whew! Remember how tall and big Margarito was when he faced Pacquiao? How heavy his punches were when they fought for the vacant WBC Jr. Middleweight belt?

      If there’s a truth that Juan Manuel Marquez was on PED, and for as long as Angel
      Hernandez/Heredia is working with him, Marquez will just repeat over and over what Angel Hernandez said in an interview made by German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, when he was still known as Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia, “…What’s happening now is laughable. It’s a token. They should save their money – or give it to me. I’ll give it to the orphans of Mexico!…”[1] That statement was Angel Hernandez/Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia’s insult and mockery to the powerlessness of drug testers. It seems that drug testers nowadays are so easy to beat, it’s beginning to look like a PEANUT.

      But don’t lose HOPE. Remember: All these PED scandals started from suspicion, suspicion with legitimate and valid reasons, which led to serious investigation and confessions.

      [1] Title: Performance Enhancing Drugs in Professional Sports (Long)(Interview)
      Source: UK Muscle website or uk-muscle(dot)co(dot)uk

      Title: Probably the best PED insights you will ever see in this interview.
      Source: Talk Tennis at Tennis Warehouse or tt.tennis-warehouse(dot)com

      Title: Olympische Spiele: Der Dealer Olympias (original, in German)
      Source: Spiegel Online or Spiegel(dot)de
      [2] Title: Witness in Track Doping Case Is Ready to Name Big Names
      Source: The New York Times Online or nytimes(dot)com | by Duff Wilson | April 13, 2008

      Title: What Do Usain Bolt And Juan Manuel Marquez Have In Common? They Train With The Same Admitted Steroids Dealer
      Source: Deadspin website or deadspin(dot)com | by Barry Petchesky | Nov. 8, 2011
      Source: Fight Hype website or fighthype(dot)com | Ben Thompson | Nov. 10, 2011
      [4] Title:
      [5] Title:
      [6] Title:
      [7] Title:

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    baka pag lumaban ulit si pacquio ataul na ang bigay sa kanya ni marquez wala kang kadaladala mas maganda pa mag pari nalang siya ay di pla puwede pastor puwede mangaral nalang siya ng bible viva marquez the dinamita unat na unat si pacquio gangnam style!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RNQLSYDWORCHYFLYTOUEMINMTI Leo

      Balimbing mong talangka talga kc talo ka sa pustahan. hahaha juk juk juk

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    laos na si pacquio mag tanim naang siya ng kamote inabangan talaga siya ni marquez pag lapit niya right hook unat na unat tulog natalo pa niya si hatton matulog


    hanggang ngayon puno pa rin ng hangin ang ulo ni Manny… reality check…Marquez fight is the only money making fight left for Pakyaw… if Manny still insist he’s bankable, he can relay that to Abu Sayyaf who don’t have brains but have arsenal of bullets and no, not to marines baka mabatukan pa siya ng mga iyan… :)

  • mokfo

    ang lulupit naman ng mga tumutulisa kay pacquiao….nakalimutan na kaagad nila ang karangalang inihatid ni pacquiao sa sambayanang pilipino… wag naman sana ganon…o baka naman kaya nagngingitngit ay malaki ang talo sa pusta….hahaha.

    • rock_steady

      So ano ang punto mo? We praise Manny when there is something to be praised about, and we criticize him when there is something to criticize about. Hindi naman ibig sabihin pa nag criticize ka sa kanya eh wala na syang kwenta. Baka naman balat-sibuyas ka lang di ayaw mo makarinig ng criticism? Tama naman yung sinasabi nila. Ayaw na magconcentrate ni Pacquiao sa boxing kasi akala niya pa easy-easy lang. Sinabi nga ni ALex ariza ayaw na ni Manny nang mga strengthening exercises. Pa jogging jogging na lang tsaka sparring. Tamad na kasing mag workout si Manny, kasi matalo manalo sigurado na ang pera.

    • bongarroyo

      ang tawag diyan ay INGGIT…

      inggit na inggit sila sa kayamanan at kasikatan ni manny…LOL

      • batangpaslit

        you can say it again….selos at inggit ang umiiral

    • batangpaslit

      paano, hindi sila naambunan ng biyaya ni Manny

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    pero kung ako kay pacquio mag retire nalang siya tapos sundan na niya yapak ni mike velarde ng elshadai at si kibuloy ng jesus is lord ngayon mag kakroon ng aral ang mga boxingero na religion destroy your career 

  • Noel

    It’s Arum chasing Marquez.

  • batangpaslit

    abangan ang sunod na laban….kung matuloy ang laban

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roberto-Ladao/1614412206 Roberto Ladao

    Pls. Mr. Jackal wake up, Manny needs to win a belt or win big before  he can FIGHT FLOYD. No disrespect to my fellow PACNUTS. I’m a Manny Pacquiao fans forever.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/MoonTease-U-ClayRose/1054165358 MoonTease U. ClayRose

      he has been winning big time and still no fight. No need to wake up.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MIFPFLP552H2EDI66GLTD2WRFI McAlaglag

      You are right, Roberto. Ang mahirap sa kababayan natin, na chambahan lang si Pacquiao, nag tampo na.  Sports ito.  Pwede ka matalo kung nagkataon.  Kung may next fight, tataya pa rin ako Pacquiao. Law of Averages ang kalaban sa 4th fight. Alisin lang ang Overconfidence at ibang extra curriculars tulad ng polotics, preaching, singing and acting. Panalo tayo tulad ng dati.  Si Marquez ang maaring umayaw dahil matanda na, bugbog na siya actually noong 4th fight at malapit nang bumagsak at baka gusto nang magretire na hawak ang victory.  Alam niya bubog siya sa 5th kung matutuloy.
      Lets stick with Pacquiao, he’s the real champ.  
      Roberto, baka kamaganak tayo. Ladaw ang nanay ko. 

  • akramgolteb

    Wag ng pagnasahan si Gayweather. Kung ginulpi siya ni Marquez, lalu siyang gugulpihin ni Gayweather.

  • M A

    pera pera lang yan


    marketing pacquiao like the old times is not feasible at this time. i don’t think it is wise to antagonize marquez to not give him a chance to redeem himself. give the man his due. i think mr. pacquiao is not that twinkle twinkle star anymore and he feels the heat. that loss is unforgivable.
    i think that defeat is so devastating that it has become mr. pacquiao’s nightmare. and whatever respect others has for mr. pacquiao as their hero will soon be forgotten. why? he cause his own downfall and i think he will regret this defeat for the rest of his life if not avenged. he had never defeated marquez on that four outings. he has his chances but he fails.

  • bongbongforpresident1

    Ala personalan pero ala na si paq simula ng laglag ni bay yung kay bradley nawala respeto ng true boxing fans,diehard fan ako non proud at happy para kay pac at naging milyonaryo at baka sakalli maging honest na politiko na kailangan ng bayan but he decided to throw all that kapalit ng pera na im sure na meron na siya that even his grandchildren are set for life financially.ala na integrity ni pac at ginaya na ang style ng new mentor nya si mr.singson na maging politiko para nakawan din ang bayan natin kung san lalong dumadami ang mahihirap at dumadami na ang mga bobong pinoy na guston ng mga political dynasties dahil pabor sa kanila kung walang ordinaryo pero edukadong pinoy na kakalaban sa kanila. Kaya kahit sino pa kalabanin at whatever the result it doesnt matter dahil mandurugas din pala.perfect sana storya ng loko.jolog dati nag boxing hanggang naging kampeon and made you proud to be pinoy di ba?parang hero ng masa e kaso kulang pala ang fortune and fame kailangan pala niya ng political dynasty at sinusimulan

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RNQLSYDWORCHYFLYTOUEMINMTI Leo

       sawsawem met dugmel

  • bongbongforpresident1

    Bad trip dehin na post ung continuation

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MIFPFLP552H2EDI66GLTD2WRFI McAlaglag

    Mayweather or no Mayweather, Pacquiao needs another fight with Marquez and win.  He has little or no market value at this point.  Let the promoters arrange it.  There’s still a lot of money to be made even if this is the last fight for both. Pacquiao stands to make even more if he wins. If there’s a next fight, he will have to stop everything and concentrate.  Politics, preaching, singing, and acting, among other things will have to be sidelined if not abandoned.  

  • bongbongforpresident1

    Nonito donaire time boys bring some swagger back to the flag tsaka the mans due pac should step aside on his political dynasty and be a corrupt lawmaker like his master and mentor chavit and the majority of our government.kita nyo ba left hook ni nito? Tsaka hindi talbog talbog na parang jols abang lang tsaka proper ang english doesnt struggle and says “well” at thw beggining od every sentence haha filipino flash ang bongbong marcos bring the pride and intelligence back

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WJ2F6G7J2MA74J4KE7YZSQ5Z4Y Wendell

    Juan Manuel Marquez Says He’s a Clean Fighter, Annoyed by PEDs Speculationby Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 | BlackSportsOnline□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════**Marquez can be annoyed all he likes, but there are valid reasons why people would be suspicious. I have no doubt his tests will come back clean because they didn’t do Olympic Style Random Drug Testing for this fight. They just collected urine before and after, so it would be easy to come off any PEDs he was taking in preparation for the fight and still test clean.═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ JUST USING COMMON SENSE, the older you get as a boxer your skills and power decrease. Very rarely do you see in boxing someone who is considered a good, but not great puncher become a one punch knockout artist overnight.EVEN MORE RARE is to see someone become a one punch knockout artist when they are moving up in weight at 39 years old, they knock out someone who hasn’t been KOed in 17 years and who they personally hadn’t even knocked down in 36 rounds of boxing.□ THE #1 REASON FOR THE SPECULATION besides the drastic body change was the fact that Marquez’s strength and conditioning coach is BALCO snitch Angel Hernandez. Hernandez once bragged about having over 20 undetectable steroids in his possession. Now, he says he is a changed man and trains athletes the proper way.**MARQUEZ CAN BE ANNOYED ALL HE LIKES, but there are valid reasons why people would be suspicious. I have no doubt his tests will come back clean because they didn’t do Olympic Style Random Drug Testing for this fight. They just collected urine before and after, so it would be easy to come off any PEDs he was taking in preparation for the fight and still test clean.□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□I DON’T KNOW WHAT MARQUEZ WAS DOING, but whatever it was in the last two fightsagainst Pacquiao he has shown increase strength to the point that his KO of Pacquiao spawned a million Memes (which you can see here). Was it hard work or something else? Only Marquez knows the truth.□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□TO READ MORE, go to blacksportsonline(dot)com.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WJ2F6G7J2MA74J4KE7YZSQ5Z4Y Wendell

    Originally posted by tlarry, Feb. 6, 2013 at Boxing Scene forum (Thread: Marquez is Firm: I’m Not Interested, I Don’t Owe Pacquiao)

    Marquez Is Drunk; Pacquiao GAVE Him 4 Shots…What A Punk

    He “acheived the desired result”…. Exactly, he would have begged and begged, and begged Pacquiao for as many fight as he could get out of him for just ONE WIN…. that’s the desired results. What a deadbeat. He was getting busted up, beaten, behind on all three score cards, until he caught Pac with one bomb, one second left in the round. It’s funny how soon he forgets how often he kept bringing up how much he wanted to fight Pacquio; he did it after each of the three previous fights. Each time, Pacquiao accomodated with another fight. JMM didnt like the result, he begged for another fight. Didn’t like that result, pleaded for another fight. Catches Pac with one bomb, then it’s “I am firm. I see no reason why I need to fight Pacquiao again… I achieved the result I looked for”…. What, a lucky knock out? Said he “earned the right to fight Pacquiao”…. REALLY? fighting, dominating who? Mayweather stopped you. You ducked Erik Morales. You wouldn’t even fight Gesta last July when offered to you, as you claimed you wanted a southpaw. You wouldn’t fight Guerrero. You wouldn’t fight Maidana. JMM… did you beat anyone that Pacquiao beat also, EARNING the right to fight Manny”…. OR was it just the best money out there for Pacquiao. You beat nobody, you fought nobody. You wouldn’t fight Cotto, you wouldn’t fight Rios. YOU FOUGHT NOBODY. YOU BECAME A RICH MEXICAN, BECAUSE MANNY PACQUIAO GAVE YOU THE 4 OF THE 5 BEST PAYDAYS OF YOUR LIFE, and you claim you owe him no rematch. YOU KNOW that fight was not headed in the direction you wanted, you weren’t going to make it 12 rounds, and you got your Hail Mary, one punch out of nowhere lottery ticket. If you never fight Pacquiao again, then Erik Morales has always been right; you’re one big *****.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WJ2F6G7J2MA74J4KE7YZSQ5Z4Y Wendell

    Sports in 2012: The bad and the ugly
    By CBC | CBC – Fri, 21 Dec, 2012 | Yahoo! News Canada
    □ As ever in modern sports, eye-popping performances from men and women of all ages raised suspicion of improper means. There was 16-year-old Chinese girl Ye Shiwen winning two Olympic gold medals in the pool, and boxer Juan Manuel Marquez (working with former track and field PED peddler Angel Heredia) discovering the fountain of power at 39, blasting Manny Pacquiao into unconsciousness when he hadn’t knocked his rival down in three previous 12-round bouts.

    TO READ MORE, go to Yahoo! News Canada website.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WJ2F6G7J2MA74J4KE7YZSQ5Z4Y Wendell

    Daring to Ask the PED Question

    By Bill Simmons on February 1, 2013 | Grantland
    □ My favorite recent look-the-other-way example: Juan Manuel Marquez couldn’t knock down Manny Pacquiao for 36 solid rounds over three of their fights. Before their third fight, the 39-year-old Marquez aligned himself with a disgraced strength-and-conditioning coach named Angel Heredia (Google his name and PEDs; it’s a fun 10 minutes), *arrived in Vegas so ripped that he weighed in four pounds under the 147-pound limit, knocked Pacquiao down early with a vicious power punch, then coldcocked him a few rounds later with one of the single greatest knockout punches ever thrown. What did we do? We bought the fight, gathered in our living rooms. We oohed and aahed, tweeted our disbelief and **forwarded the YouTube clip around. And when Marquez passed the bogus post-fight drug test — for the record, Keith Richards in 1978 after a night at Studio 54 could pass one of boxing’s drug tests — everyone let the moment go.

    Know this: Every boxing fan I know believes that Marquez enhanced his chances that night. …

    □ I had planned on writing about PED profiling in my deleted mailbag answer about Peterson, if only because it’s so unfair that certain athletes (say, Marquez and A-Rod) make it impossible for something like Peterson’s absolutely incredible comeback to happen without people wondering,
     ”Hmmmmmmmm.” We’ve been burned too many times by the words “absolutely incredible.” Now we’re here. So we wondered. And kept wondering. I probably received 700 “Do you think Peterson is doing this legitimately?” e-mails in November and December. Some were funny, some were thoughtful, some were crazy. All of them made me think.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WJ2F6G7J2MA74J4KE7YZSQ5Z4Y Wendell

    Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez V Will Feature Strict PED Testing

    By Alex Groberman, Wed, January 30, 2013 | Opposing Views
    Juan Manuel Marquez earned a very impressive victory over Manny Pacquiao this past December. Whereas Pacquiao picked up his two wins over Marquez by way of controversial decisions and questionable scoring, Marquez got his in the only manner which does not lend itself to questioning after the fact. A knockout is a knockout. There can’t be any arguments about the validity or legitimacy of a knockout.



    Before his last fight even happened, Marquez was forced to confront questions regarding how precisely at age 39 he was suddenly in the best shape of his life. Mind you, he didn’t have to fend these inquiries off from bloggers and TV provocateurs; Freddie Roach, one of the most respected men in all of boxing, famously said in an interview: “If [his body] is natural, I will kiss his a**. [Marquez] has gotten bigger and gained weight – it throws up a red flag. I’ve been accused so many times of my fighters being on steroids (that) I hate to accuse other people. But it is part of our life, part of the world we live in.”

    The accusations, while not based off anything more than the eye test, were there for a reason. It wasn’t just that Marquez suddenly had more strength and such a sculpted physique, it was also about who helped him attain both. His new association with Angel Guillermo “Memo” Heredia, an admitted PED peddler, raised a lot of red flags. And while Marquez has consistently denied doing anything wrong, natural human reasoning suggests that if you suddenly become stronger and bigger after linking up with a guy who provides illicit materials that help you do just that – maybe there is a connection there.

    For his part, Marquez has denied the charges.

    “You can say anything you want, but [if] you don’t have any proof, it means nothing,” Marquez told SI com (Sports Illustrated). “I told them I am willing to take any exam they want. Let’s go together, we’ll do it together.”

    To Marquez’s credit, he did take the tests. And those tests did come back clean. Of course, as we have learned over the years, the tests conducted don’t test for everything. Something athletes are all too aware of.

    “As far as people thinking I am taking steroids? I would take the test. Let them take my blood,” the 39-year-old said in another interview. “I don’t care. [I would do it] just to shut everybody up. Of course my fight tests have always been clean. I don’t know how those rumors get started”

    All of which leads us to this: inevitably, Pacquiao’s team will enforce much stricter PED testing guidelines this time. On the last go-round they saw Marquez get bigger and stronger, but they still cockily believed they would beat him anyway. Following the events that took place last December – they know better now.

    When negotiations officially begin for a fifth bout, expect for testing to supplant purse split as the big topic of interest.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JOB2BYO63JBBTREFX72M34UMB4 Juan

    pacquiao just lost his reythm he just doesnt have it any more i think he should just hang the towel and retire. i think pacquiao shouldnt fight a 5th time i think he should just retire before something serious happen to him again.

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