Angry Pacquiao strikes back at Mayweathers

Philippine Daily Inquirer

A FURIOUS MANNY PACQUIAO lashed back at the Mayweathers and executives of Golden Boy Promotions, who were blaming him for the snafu that sidetracked negotiations for his March 13 megafight with Floyd Jr.

?I can?t believe these guys can lie without batting an eyelash and they would even make it appear that I am the culprit for the delay of the fight and saying that I don?t want it to happen,? Pacquiao told Philboxing.com in Filipino.

?Liars go to hell. They should be man enough and own up to their words,? added Pacquiao, who showed proof that Mayweather Jr. had accused him of using performance enhancement drugs.

Pacquiao, who was named by BoxingScene as its 2009 Fighter of the Year, the third time in four years the Filipino was accorded the honor, said the Mayweathers (Floyd Jr., Floyd Sr. and Roger), had claimed in past interviews that he was into some kind of ?roids? (steroids).

?It?s all over the Internet. They all went on record and there is no denying as to who is lying or not,? said Pacquiao, the world?s pound-for-pound king.

Pacquiao said the black propaganda is aimed at systematically besmirching, tarnishing and destroying his legacy as one of the best fighters of all time.

What incensed Pacquiao further was an audio recording in October, where Floyd Jr. maliciously imputed that the Philippines is a producer of the best PEDs.

Pacquiao said Floyd Jr. and those who are guilty need to get punished, whether it be in the courts or in the ring.

He stressed that a lawsuit will be filed against his detractors whether or not his fight with Floyd Jr. will push through in Las Vegas.

Team Mayweather and Golden Boy Promotions want Pacquiao to undergo a new set of drug testing procedures other than those already required by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Pacquiao reiterated that he has no objections to drug testing.

?I will provide any specimen, whether it be blood or urine samples, just right after the fight but not a day or two before, for obvious reasons.?

Another Philboxing report stated that Dr. Alex Pineda, who is the only doctor accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency to test athletes, is in General Santos City to conduct the urine test on Pacquiao as directed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission Wednesday afternoon.

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