French player Steeve Ho You Fat joins in fun as his name catches attention

French forward Steeve Ho You Fat

French forward Steeve Ho You Fat. –INSTAGRAM STORY

MANILA, Philippines—Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson made quite a stir on social media after their dazzling duel in a G League preseason game.

But there’s also one player that had social media buzzing.

French forward Steeve Ho You Fat, Wembanyama’s teammate at Metropolitans 92, introduced himself on US soil.

Ho You Fat also didn’t mind that his name blew up on social media as he even kept sharing his mentions on his Instagram.

He chimed in on the fun as well.

“Looks like they really want that jersey,” Ho You Fat posted on his Instagram story.

Ho You Fat, a seasoned veteran in France’s top-tier pro basketball league LNB Pro A, scored six points on 3-of-4 shooting from the field in 17 minutes of play. Mark Giongco/