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Why it makes sense to put an engine oil designed for racing in your car

/ 04:05 PM January 15, 2024

Picture this: you are driving en route to a spontaneous camping trip with your barkada in your brand-new car. You are excited to finally take it out for a long drive, confident that it can take even the toughest road conditions on or off the highway. You trust your car engine to run smoothly, even testing its limits to see how fast it can go. It’s a moment that captures the essence of driving pleasure, one you wish could last forever.

Well, maybe not forever, but with proper maintenance, it can last for longer years whether you subject it to extreme natural terrains or spin it for long drives every day. Take it to your trusted mechanic or your casa regularly but know that you can actually bring your own engine oil of choice. Don’t be afraid to have an engine oil that’s engineered for racing like ExxonMobil’s latest engine oil, the Mobil 1™ Triple Action Power+. You may not be driving a Formula 1 race car, but your car will thank you for feeding it with this powerful oil.

Mobil 1™’s range of synthetic motor oils is engineered not just for racing car engines. In fact, the newly improved Mobil 1™ Triple Action Power+ is specially formulated to enable you, the everyday driver, to optimize your motor’s potential. 

Mobil engine oil racing car

Coming from the same origins that fueled F1 champions, Mobil 1™ Triple Action Power+ was developed in the same facility using the same technology as ExxonMobil’s revered racing oils. Mobil 1™ put the oil to the test in the lab, on the road, and on tracks replicating the toughest conditions. F1 was the ultimate testing ground to refine its formulation to ensure it delivers the same performance and efficiency for road driving.

The Mobil 1™ Triple Action Power+ delivers 30-fold better protection for high temperatures; cleaner energy by preventing 99.9% of the harmful acid contaminants that can potentially compromise your engine’s health; facilitates an 8.4% increase in fuel economy – imagine the amount of money you can save from every refill and maintenance costs. To top it all, you may even save your car from unwanted repairs.

With the new Mobil 1™ Triple Action Power+, power comes from within, so the promise of a seamless, confident drive every time you hit the road, even several years from now, is no longer a distant dream.

Mobil engine oil racing car

So, the next time you fire up your engine, remember that the road to excellence is paved with the choices you make for your car. The performance and durability of your vehicle will largely depend on the oil you will use the next time you are due for an oil change. As you embark on another adventure, whether you will course through the carefree roads of the expressway or the extreme paths close to nature, you are guaranteed a smooth ride with an engine that will keep humming. 

Mobil 1 Triple Action Power+ is now available at reputable automotive retailers and workshops. For more information please visit mobil.com.


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