Achieve optimal well-being and be strong for life with Kinetix+

Achieve optimal well-being and be strong for life with Kinetix+

KINETIX+ is here to be your dedicated partner in promoting active lifestyle and enabling recovery from demanding activities
/ 03:45 PM May 29, 2024

In order to lead a long and fulfilling life, one must strive to achieve physical and mental well-being. While it is not necessary to aspire to be the strongest individual, it is important to possess a basic level of strength to support our everyday activities. For the purpose of appreciating all that life has to offer, the objective should be to be Strong for Life.

Aside from prioritizing your mental, emotional, and social health, it is critical that you make time to be active and exercise on a daily basis in order to achieve optimal physical health.

Engaging in regular strength and conditioning training can provide significant physical benefits. It has the potential to decrease the probability of developing diseases, prevent injuries, promote healthy aging, manage weight, and enhance mood. The path to being Strong for Life may present challenges, but it will definitely bring great rewards. Kinetix+ is the ideal companion for this journey.

Kinetix+ is the first luxury boutique gym in the Philippines that prioritizes strength and conditioning training. It caters to individuals who are dedicated to enhancing their physical fitness while also valuing the advantages of exclusivity and a top-notch gym experience. Intense exercise sessions should not be as uncomfortable as they typically are. The vast area of the gym allows it to fit high-quality gym equipment, bespoke dumbbells and barbell plates, and the AI-driven BioStrength line machines.

As Kinetix+ prioritizes space and outstanding exercise equipment, one of its strengths lies in the knowledgeable professionals who play a crucial part in guiding your fitness journey.

The gym has carefully chosen coaches who can assist you in attaining a variety of goals, including weight loss to shifting from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one or to enhance athletic ability in your favored sport. Kinetix+ coaches are qualified to create a program especially for you that will both challenge and develop you. On this road to strength, having a qualified coach to guide you through the process of reaching your physical goals will also function as the ideal accountability partner for you. Working with a coach at Kinetix+ is akin to having a team of experts at your side who are all dedicated to helping you become the strongest version of yourself. It will be the client and the Kinetix+ coach who will communicate most. The coach will, meanwhile, also have the opportunity to consult with the entire Kinetix team, which consists of other coaches and gym specialists. Along with offering instruction on proper form and exercise technique, your coach will also monitor your progress closely to make sure you are always being challenged, act as a trustworthy accountability partner, and be there to celebrate your physical achievements. 


Should you feel any discomfort, Kinetix+ has the Recovery Lab, where you can utilize cutting-edge equipment and manual therapy from the gym’s in-house physiotherapists to help your body heal from strain and soreness. Any injuries you receive during sports or exercise can be treated with a rehabilitation plan by the skilled physiotherapists at Kinetix+. This strategy might include stretches, manual therapy, and Kinetix+ modalities.

The gym also has a nutritionist who can offer professional guidance by creating customized dietary recommendations to support your workouts and promote muscle repair. Working with the in-house nutritionist at Kinetix+ helps you gain a crucial understanding of how your diet affects your strength training and general health.

To further promote our Strong for Life campaign, Kinetix+ has designed a variety of membership packages to appeal to all individuals interested in joining the gym. We offer the Active Aging, Corporate Wellness, Muscle Foreging, and Fit for a Queen packages. All packages include a range of sessions for coaching, recovery, stretching, and nutrition guidance. To learn more about these programs, please visit Kinetix+ at Level 3, Shops, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati, where we would gladly tell you more.

As per Kinetix+ co-founder Coach Marlon Lugue, “Strength is the summary of our days passed, current state and hopeful future. Live your best life by recapturing the vigor of your youth, making the most out of your present and training to be the best that you can be for days to come.”


Your dedication to maintaining being Strong for Life will likely be the most significant, challenging, and fulfilling commitment you will ever make. It entails dedicating a specified amount of time exclusively to pursue your own goals of valuing yourself. Being strong plays a crucial part in our existences. There’s no better time than the present to invest in our overall strength. Turn to the experts, turn to Kinetix+.

For more information, follow Kinetix+ on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their website. Kinetix+ is located at the 3rd Floor, Shops at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati.

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