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Who will preserve the Pacquiao legacy?

By Recah Trinidad
Philippine Daily Inquirer

THERE?S A NEW PROPOSAL FOR MANNY Pacquiao?s next big fight.

Certain quarters suggest that they skip the WBO welterweight title and stake a new crown instead.

First things first: Miguel Cotto at 143 pounds could be no better than a scarecrow.

The next question is: What does Pacquiao achieve if he crushes a slow, hollow foe?

* * *

The Pacman, naturally, rakes in the millions.

But, at the same time, an ugly possibility looms.

Pacquiao could also end up with a new title.

The Pacman could be boxing?s new Drain-Your-Pounds king.

* * *

Before you start suspecting, that was an original title imported by Dong Secuya?s philboxing.com from the United States.

Writing from Indianapolis, fight expert Dennis Guillermo warned of a gory possibility.

Guillermo, better known as dSource at the Indianapolis Fight Sports Examiner, sent Pacquiao diehards screaming in disgust when he warned that the Pacman could slide silly from his pound-for-pound throne if he ends up crushing a dried-up Cotto.

* * *

It was not clear if the warning was directed to somebody in particular.

But this should draw the attention of the great Freddie Roach, three-time Trainer of the Year.

Guillermo, in a sense, has been telling Roach that beating Cotto at 143 lb would be an empty victory.

It won?t amount to anything truly significant.

* * *

Of course, Roach will always scrape the bottom, do his best (and worst), in order to ensure a Pacman triumph.

But it might help if Roach also shares a few insights from dSource, who says that:

1) Cotto has already shown in the past he could not force his body to lose any more weight, so beating him because he is dehydrated nullifies the glory of victory.

2) It takes away from the accomplishment if Pacquiao doesn?t fight the real Cotto but a compromised version of the WBO welterweight champion.

3) If they should fight at 143 lb, the WBO crown should not be staked, because it?s not the real champion Pacquiao would be fighting.

* * *

Cotto at 143 lb could be a warrior with only one good arm, or worse.

He could be weaker, useless than a hornless bull.

?Cotto at 147 would be perfect, but Cotto at 145 or 144, which he says he could swing, would be enough to keep the fight legit,? Guillermo stresses.

Now, nobody is trying to tell Roach there?s somebody out there who could handle Pacquiao more perfectly.

* * *

But there?s also this question about legacy.

Continues Guillermo: ?Pacquiao?s mystique is that of the underdog that took on all challenges. Pacquiao is about taking the biggest, most dangerous opponents.?

Now, dSource is at a loss.

?Why would Pacquiao want to taint that image now?? wonders the concerned expert.

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